Thursday, 23 June 2011

UK MPs vote to ban circus wild animals - man from #EU he say 'NO'.

We are not governed by our MPs and Government at Westminster, we are dictated to by 27 unelected, unaccountable commissioners in brussels

Cameron is *desperate* to hide his (and the UK's) impotence in the face of the EU.

He knew that if MPs voted for this ban, then the UK public would see that their elected government at Westminster are the EU's servants - not our servants!

His objection to this wild animal vote was entirely based on the fact that he/we/UK *cannot* implement a ban with out EU approval.

Read about the inducements and threats offered to avoid a vote:
"I was offered incentive and reward on Monday and then it was ratcheted up until last night when I was threatened,"

"I had a call from the prime minister's office directly. I was told unless I withdraw this motion that the prime minister himself would look upon it very dimly indeed."

Read about the real objection, delivered during the debate:
be seen as disproportionate action under the European Union Services Directive and under our own Human Rights Act

This is ANOTHER issue that UKIP should be making a HUGE fuss over, and every UK citizen should too - to recognise the sovereignty we have already lost.

We directly elect our MPs to parliament - they should have the final say on all political matters. But while we are in the EU, the 27 unelected, unaccountable EU commissioners have the final say.

Some people like the EU because they think the UK can impose its will on other countries - but that isn't so - 27 unelected, unaccountable commissioners impose their will on us all.

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