Thursday, 23 October 2008

Do the oldies want to sell their decendants down the river?

I keep hearing about the 'demographic time bomb' - where by there will soon not enough native youngsters to pay old peoples pensions.

Some people suggest that this means the UK has to allow immigrants in to work and pay the taxes to pay the old peoples pensions.

Have the old, retiring people been asked about this? have the retirees really said that they want to sacrifice the country they have were born and lived in, that they are content to destory the culture they lived throuh, and leave their children with what ever is left just to keep them in the last few years of their lives?

And this doesn't actually cover the root of the penision problem - why have the government not managed the 'time-bomb' - if more people are needed (and the UK has space for them) why has it been made so expensive for british families to have large families? - if more money for pensions will be needed why weren't those individuals NI contributions saved to cover the coming expense?

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Milliband plays us for Mugs

Milliband Bloke - minister for climate change and something...

He proclaims that by 2050 the UK will have cut CO2 emissions by 80% - to help towards this he is promoting all sorts of technology for the home today.

Given that the target is for 2050, I fail to see what can be done today to contribute towards it -- any insulation/bulbs etc that are installed today will be long gone by 2050, so will make no contribution to the target...

I guess he doesn't have a science degree...

He is clearly a fool, but that is no reason for him to think that we natives are.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

England "The Stately Home"

There are two great risks to the free people of England. The first is the transformation of England from a dynamic wealth generating marketplace into a stagnant environment living off past glories.

The comparison is to the fading Stately Homes that pepper our country side -- build on great wealth by the rich without a thought to cost, because there was plenty more where that came from, in the same way England has been build on the great wealth generated from centuries of dynamic industry. Now, however, many of the stately homes are fading relics, owned by the poor aristocracy who have inherited the assets, but not the wealth generating abilities of their forebears. Smilarly over a decade of Labour government have left England in danger of being in the same position -our wealth creating abilities stripped and not replace, while the valuable assets are sold off leaving us with a fading husk of past wealth that is expensive to maintain. No one can deny that spending money is fun, but if it isn't being replaced with new income, then once the fun ends it ends forever.