Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lisbon Treaty - Opted out or not? Our MP's clearly have no idea!

I have recently written to my MP, asking about this situation - and asking how anyone is supposed to have any faith in a 'renegotiation' when MP's don't even know what the current treaties mean!

I will follow up with any reply.



I am sure you are aware of the current events surrounding the UK 'opt outs' from the 'Charter of Fundamental Rights' as (understood) to have been ensured in the signing of Lisbon Treaty.

One story of the situation is linked to here:-

Here, a Conservative Government minister is reported as suggesting that the UK pubic were 'duped' - I fail to see how the UK public were 'duped' as they were never consulted, so never had an opportunity to express what they considered the situation to be.

If anyone was duped it was the MP's in the house of commons who voted on the 'Lisbon Treaty', while (obviously) not actually understanding what it meant. Even those who voted against the treaty clearly had no understanding of its consequences, or they would have said so at the time.

This episode clearly shows that 'constitutional treaties' are of too complex and sensitive to be entered into at all - having an unwritten constitution ensures that the UK and its citizens are not put at the mercy of the legal profession in explaining to us what it consists of, it exists in our hearts and heads, and so is not dependent on the interpretation of others and can never be wrong.

Even this government have, time after time, messed up legal proceedings to remove terrorist suspects - failing in their proceedings again and again until they finally change the law to suit themselves and make themselves 'right'.

In light of this, can you explain what credibility a 'renegotiation' with the EU could possibly have when those doing the 'renegotiation' on behalf of the UK clearly have no idea of what the treaties already entered into actually mean!

Yours sincerely,

Paul Perrin