Friday, 24 June 2011

How the EU will take all power from the UK without any more 'transfer of sovereignty'

The UK is on course to disappear as a country - our parliament is dying and most people haven't even noticed.

I write to my MP frequently, I get prompt replies - sometimes my letters are passed on to specific departments or even specific Ministers for reply.

How come I get this 'special treatment' from my MP? What is it about me that allows me to get answers from even the top members of the UK government? It is simply because I am a UK citizen, the government exists to serve we citizens, and our MPs are our representatives in parliament who handle the detail for us.

The people of the UK are very privileged - we elect MPs who go to Parliament at Westminster to run the country. We have a direct and immediate link to the people who govern us. This works because we chose the individuals who represent us - they want our vote, and if we don't think they can do the job, we won't elect them! It also works because despite all the power it wields, the UK parliament is small enough for each MP to count in their own right - so an individual citizens voice (through their MP) can be heard at the very highest level.

That's how UK democracy works - but it is already fading away.

You will have heard many phrases like "In Europe, but not run by Europe" and the such. These are phrases used by many UK politicians insisting that we can be a member of the EU without completely surrendering our democracy to theirs - but this simply isn't true.

The power of the EU is a ratchet - it only goes one way - 'More Power to the EU' is their answer to every problem. It doesn't matter how the problem came about or who caused it, the solution is always 'More EU'. And every bit of power the EU gets is taken from national parliaments - the EU's gain is the UK's loss.

A recent, glorious, demonstration of how parliament and our MPs can wield power was the debate and vote on the use of wild animals in circuses - there was a debate against the governments wishes and a vote to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. This all happened because one MP, one person, elected by his constituents stood up to make his point, and many other MPs elected by their constituents agreed with him - they represented their constituents, with no regard for the government, party or any other influence. This is pretty much as direct as democracy can get!

However, this is embarrassing for the Government - it shows how little power they have - because the EU in Brussels decide on this issue, not our directly elected government at Westminster. Our wonderful, powerful, historic parliamentary system is being trashed in favour of a system that most people don't even understand. If they did understand it, they almost certainly wouldn't like it. The EU is controlled by 27 unelected, unaccountable 'commissioners' - people whose names and faces you have probably never heard or seen.

Do you remember agreeing to obey laws set by some group of strangers in Brussels? I don't. But the current government have promised not to transfer any more power with out giving us a referendum so we can say no if we want to - that makes it OK doesn't it?

Unfortunately the EU (with the full knowledge and consent of the UK government) have come up with a great way of putting the EU in charge, without actually 'transferring' power. The end result is the same, but there is no physical transfer.

It works like this - first the EU identifies an area it where it wants to take control away from the UK (and other member countries). Then the EU then build up their own structures to duplicate what the member states are already doing. Finally the EU and national government come up with an excuse to shut down the national service/function - so leaving the EU to run it alone. A power transfer with no actual transfer to have a referendum on. We are being deceived and robbed.

I wrote more about this in relation to UK defence cuts (link: Defence cuts are a massive transfer of sovereignty to the EU.)

We are losing our democracy - we are losing powers and protections that were hard won by generations of english men and women. We must stop the rot before it is too late.

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