Thursday, 15 September 2016

Free Market Health Care - scrap the NHS.

Really just a blog to get some links in one place!

State healthcare is a disaster - the NHS is an evil empire, the current batch of junior doctors show that it is near the end of the road. This is a very good, positive thing.

Look to the USA... no not their almost monopoly system (which is as bad if not worse than our nasty NHS), and not to their failing Obamacare system but to the free market some have just about managed to start to establish...

By opting out of the overly regulated medical structures (Medicare etc) prices have been put online and led to biding wars bringing prices down to where they should have been all along.

Their online price list is here - although I think sometimes it is not available outside the US - maybe US advertising legal issues? Here are some comparisons.

So by stopping waste and getting care down to the best price (which only the free market can do!) the next question is how to pay (note, we do already pay for the NHS, it is not free nor done for love). If we didn't have the NHS that wastes most of the money it gets we'd already be ahead - but this is one alternative...

I selected this one pretty much at random from google as an example - they are religious organisations - legally religion is the only way of getting out from under the dead hand of state regulation... But they just pay towards each others healthcare bills as needed.

So you pay the best possible price for your health care and 'self insure' by sharing your bills with others.

Minimal overheads, and all under your control. Whats not to like?