Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Poor people use public transport... thats why they are poor...

I am based in/near Brighton - a colleague and I are going up to London for an early meeting...

This is our journey planning... guess how we are getting there and back....

Option 1: Public Transport Max

Drive to Brighton Station/Parking15 mins£15
Tickets/Contingency45 mins
Train/Tube to London Destination1:15 mins£112
Total2:15 hrs£127

Option 2: Public Transport Min

Drive to Mordon/Parking1:15 hrs£30
Tickets/Contingency15 mins
Tube to London Destination45 mins£24
Total2:15 hrs£54

So there you go - with a car involved we can both do the entire journey in exactly the same time for less than the cost of one train fair!