Thursday, 14 June 2007

Still British?

I am british - these islands belong to me (and my heritage means ireland is included in that).

Any group that seeks to exclude me on any grounds (race, creed, colour, geography etc...) can hardly expect my support. Indeed if these groups specifically seek to use their concentrated power against me then what can they be other than my enemy?

Any minority that seeks disproportinate influce can hadly compain if they are trumped by the genuine majority - and they won't complain at all will they (yeah right).

I am very dissapointed with the creeping division introduced by the politicians in scotland, but as I am britisih and this island belongs to me noone is going to exclude me from any part of it. At leasts any Welsh thoughts of independance are entirely unrealistic - completely fanciful. Being british means that I am english, scottish, welsh and irish (and probably a bit german, danish, french and roman) - little, closed communities will just have to live with me the way I am.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Carbon Trading - An Evil Consipricy to Maintain Emissions

In the Australian outback they are (aparantly) burning scrub in a controlled way because this means CO2 emissions are lower than letting it grow and then be subject to wild fires.

This doesn't seem to add up to me, as the wild fires can only release carbon that the vegitation had absorbed while it was growing - so the whole thing seems carbon neutral to me...

Anyway - as this burning is (somehow) seen as beneficial it is being funded by a large polluting industry who trade their emissions against it.

I think the flaw in trading is pretty clear -- if every time someone thinks of a way of reducing emissions, then someone increases their emissions by the same amount, then there will never be any overall reduction!

Emissions trading effectively prevents any reduction in emissions - and so is a very bad thing.

Carbon Offset/Carbon Trading - What Nonsense

Carbon offsetting is getting popular among the guilty rich. But in truth the logic just doesn't add up.

So rich people fly around the world and pay for trees to be planted to soak up the equivalent CO2 that their flights have generated.

So what is this saying to the rest of us?

It seems that it is just a selfish smug "well global warming isn't my fault".

If these people really cared about CO2 why aren't they paying to offset the emmissions of the rest of us?

Do they think that they will only be affected by the CO2 that they have caused to be generated?

Offset is a bizzare concept - so I would like to point out that its proponents are in the all together...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Broadcast 'professionals' your days are numbered.

The professional media are up in arms about web-content being outside of their control.

They cry that web-content is unreliable and overly trusted.

What they are really concerned about is that all of the public are being made starkly aware of the bias that is at the heart of all content regardless of media.

The professionals have been trusted, but that trust has long since been betrayed - they are no better than the amatures, just more polished so their bias is less obvious.

The 'honorable' BBC? They are among the worst - with no accountability and a inherited reputation of trustworthness that they no longer deserve.

BMA - Butt Out

The BMA (British Medical Association) have ideas way above their station; they seem to forget that they are just the doctors trade union.

Doctors are no different to garage mechanics - they just fix different types of 'machinery', bodies instead of cars.

Busy bodies in Enland are taking over and need to be put in their place, if advice is wanted then it will be requested - until then these busy bodies should shut up and stop spending our money on things we neither want nor need.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Immigration to the UK - For Our Weather?

Why do immigrants come to the UK?

It isn't for our weather.

The UK is attractive because it is essentially safe and peaceful - and as a result effort peoples effort can be put into building additional wealth rather then expended on pure survival.

However there is no abolute need for immigrants to physically reside on these islands to benefit from peaceful safety - instead we should export our peaceful, safe, way of life to other geographic areas where out admirers can receive these benefits without moving so far from home.

People who want to benefit from the British way of life should be provided with a suitable area of land in their originating country in which to receive those benefits.

We need to franchise the British system to other locations, and (as with any franchise) retain complete control of the system - Immigrants come to the UK despite the fact they have had no previous say over the way Britain is run; often they are leaving countries where they have, indeed had a say in their running, and they accept that they still prefer what we have done here without them. It is a natural consequnce of this to see that there is no need for them to have a significant say in the future running of any British franchised colony - with the notable exceptions of the British populated world (America, Canada, Austrialia) few non-european countries could be considered anywhere near as desirable places to live as Britain.

Too Many Infants, Too Much Nanny

The infantisation of the Brittish public by the government really has to stop.

Yet again more restrictions and controls are being proposed and they are being promoted as the precise opposite - additional freedoms, less intervention.

To protect the British way of life it is essential that our politicians are reigned in, and put firmly in thier place - as our servants, not our leaders. The prime minister may lead his party and may lead the house of commons, but he/she has no place attempting to lead any British citizen.

The enless cries by politicians that the public 'dont understand' and just need to be better 'educated' (until they agree with what the politicians wanted all along) must stop.

Parliamentry scrutiny means nothing for the British people - Parliament is run by politicians, for politicians. They only scrutinise for their own protection, not ours.