Sunday, 25 June 2017

'Death By Cop' English Style... Unless the public save me...

I was arrested in front of my family taken to a detention centre, my finger, hand and palm prints taken, also my DNA. I was kept in a cell overnight. I am 52 and have never been in trouble with the police before other than traffic offences - although they have been in trouble with me, and have sneaked out of accountability, and clearly now bear a nasty and deep grudge against me. I am a free Englishman, cops must had better things to do.
This on the pretext of a tweet that attacked 'progressives' for not asking questions that we decent folk keep asking them...

Finally - I know what the law and CPS guidelines say - in no way did I come close to committing any criminal offence and I will not have my free speech chilled by the evil forces operating at the top of UK police forces.

Interviews etc freely given (but not to character assassinating progressives).

**edited** in the interest of clarity.