Saturday, 18 June 2011

Who let down the Public Sector?

No one likes to have their expectations dashed. So public sector workers protesting against pension changes, changes that will leave them worse off than they expected to be are not a surprise.

However you have to ask if they are complaining about the right target.

Payments to retired public sector employees are paid by the taxpayers of the day. The pensions of those protesting now will be paid for by our current generation of youngsters and our children. Public sector workers protesting about pension changes are protesting for the right to be a greater burden on people who owe them nothing.

The protesters may say that they have paid in large parts of their salary for many years so have paid for their pensions, but in that case they must look to where that money went and who made those promises. Who is it that has let them down?

In great part the answer to that question is the Tony Blair/Gordon Brown led labour government. The labour government gave the public sector money that they did not have, and made promises about even more that they must have known they never would have.

The public sector have already eaten their cake (and then some), maybe they knew it and maybe they didn't but either way the cake has gone. However unfair it may seem you can't have your cake and eat it.

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