Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christianity - A force for individual liberty.

It is a shame that Christmas is under such attack - haters of Christianity, whether militantly atheist or of another faith seek to drive a wedge between our Chirstmas celebrations and the Christian messages of 'peace and good will to all men', and the innocence and equality that we all start life with as new born babies.

Yes other religions have had winter festivals - but so what? Any one can organise a party.

What makes Christmas special is the message -  a message that every libertarian Englishman can get behind what ever they think of the source! All people are created equal, people are not answerable to any earthly power, it is not for any earthly power to tell you how to live your life. Each of us is complete and perfect.

Marxists, Collectivists and Social Democrats (that is lib lab and con) hate Christmas and Christianity for so powerfully putting the case for individual freedom - don't be suckered by these siren voices, they don't seek to free you, they seek to chain you - to take your liberty and make you dependent on the state.

You dismantle your protection against these forces at your (and your childrens) peril