Thursday, 20 September 2007

Supermarkets Ripping off the English

The OFT say that supermarkets have ripped off the public to a massive extent on dairy products, by price fixing.

The main concern of the farmers is that they didn't share in the illegal profiteering.

The OFT are threatening legal action that could result in massive fines against the price fixers.

What about us? Are we to get our money back? or is this just another government 'tax' - the public are ripped off, then the government turns up and takes it from the unofficial taxman (aka thief)...

It seems the governments main driver is that they resent anyone other than themselves exploiting the people of england.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A Written Constitution

The EEC with the conivance of the current governement want to impose a written constitution on the free people of england.

I say that if it is decided that we are to be subject to a written constitution, then it is for us to write it.

I have not been entirely convinced of the need for a written constitution - we have done relativly well with out one. However as new governemnts continue to push the boundaries of their power (with too little opposition from the judiciary, and the house of commons), I think it may now be a good idea - but only if it is properly considered and written by us.

Having our own written constitution would also block attempts by foreigners to impose theirs upon us.

A Person in Debt is not Free

If a person is in debt they are not free.

If a person is in debt, they do not have the money to pay the debt. They are obliged to either work to earn the money to pay the debt, or to suffer the legal (state-enforced) consequences of defaulting.

This is state backed slavery.

That the government is enslaving English graduates by pushing them to take loans to pay for their education is obscene.

If the government are so sure about the value of degrees (which are obviously worthless if everyone has one - someone has to clean the toilets) - then the government should be confident that they can recover the costs from later earnings by those graduates, and should keep degree courses free - or even sponsored with grants (for those from whom it is likely that they will recover the costs later in taxes).

Monday, 17 September 2007

Passports - an interesting quote.

Soon Gordon and the Brown Nosers will be adding us all to their DNA database should we be so bold as to ask for a passport.

As we are furhter oppressed by the state to give up our privacy and liberties should we wish to travel, the following passage made interesting reading..

What is a passport? A universal recommendation of a traveller's person, a certificate of security for himself and his belongings. The treasury, whose nature is to spoil the best of things, has made the passport a means of espionarge and a tax. Is it not to sell the right to travel and to move about?

PJ Proudhon - 1840

Labours Economic Incompetence

Labour inherited an economy on the up, and despite their general stupiditiy they managed not to cock up the headline figures over the years.

However, behind the scenes they have completely screwed up the economy and the peoples finances. And all this with out a whimper from the supposed 'opposition' parties.

Pensions are completly bust in the UK (unless you are an MP of course!); gold was virtually given away in exchange for bland euros; tax has become a weapon to attack the public rather than its proper function as funding national interests; it is harder for people to generate wealth as they are taxed on money they have yet to earn, and their property is stealthily taken from them by the governement - forcing them into public sector jobs and so in hock to the labour government so ensuring the continuance of the corrupt labour era in which we currently live.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Gordon Brown - The old Soviet solution.

Gordon Brown wants to be in power for a very long time.

Every leader knows that acheiving this is not dependant on you do well yourself, but on neutralising the opposition.

Gordon Browns every action is tuned to this outcome - the latest attempts to embrace members of other political parties shows this very clearly, if everyone is in hoc to Brown for their position, noone is going to rock the boat against him.

Government by Consensus is alien to England and the English way of life - it is undemocratic and fundametally attacks the individuals opportunity for freedom.

The Lib Dems (who remembers them?) are cowtowing to Brown just as deeply as they can, and some well known Tories seem to be leaning the same way.

Brown and the Brown-Nosers are the biggest threat to the Free People of England that could be imagined - Brown must be stopped, while we still have a system to do it.

Getting rid of leaders is the greatest power we currently (seem) to have - we didn't put Brown in his current post, and this usurping must end.

Amnesty (International) support for Evil people

Maajid Nawaz writes into days times that he is a british reformed Muslim fundamentatlist.

When locked up in Egypt for being a member of the evil Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation, he had time to study and says he came to realise that he Hizb ut-Tahrir were compeltely misguided and misguiding and so he reformed.

However during this time it seems that he was adopted by Amnesty International as a 'prisoner of conscience' - is this really the type of person that Amnesties supports want to assist? He, himself admits that he was wrong and twisted, and that the organisation is dangerous, and that being locked up gave him the opportunity to study and see his mistake.

Will Amnesty appologise for their mistake, and ensure that they do not repeat it with others from whom the public are not safe?

Well as yet another overblown charity, I don't think there is much chance of them fessing up. But this kind of organisation and attitude that those of us who want to acheive or retain their genuine freedom are up against.

Fingerprinting Schoolkids.

Some schools are installing fingerprint systems to pay for school meals to discourage money beting taken into school.

If we are not careful our children will start to think that the authorities are entitled to ask for this kind of info, and that they must comply.

Our children must know their rights, and have the confidence to assert them.

Sacrificing freedoms and rights because the authorities are lazy is part of the slippery slope that we are in great danger if sliding down - and our chilren are being groomed to be compliant.

Don't let them do it.