Monday, 19 February 2007

Bullied but Unbowed

In recent years the British Government have forgotten their place as the servants of the people. The Government have taken it upon themselves to attempt to bully the British Public (particularly the English) into compliance with bizzare political and social programmes that exist only to stimulate the political classes egos at the financial, social and moral expense of the people.

England belongs to the English people - every last rock and blade of grass belongs to us all, we need make no claim on it, or take any action for this to be so - it is an automtiic birthright.

As a birthright it cannot be taken away; no treaty, agreement or any other instrument can ever deny the right of the English to own England.

The Government seeks to usurp our rights to our land and air by imposing charges and taxes for access to these things that we already inalianably own.

The Government seeks to pass control of our usurped assets to foreign powers in Europe that they might one day disown us and ascend to even greater power over and remoteness from the people of this country.