Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Brighton #Brexit'eers War Stories

This is an email I sent to a list I am on - I keep meaning to write up the events mentioned, but probably won't get around to it - so put these here as a summary...

Well if you want to change things in politics you can.

But be ready for when the 'good on you for getting involved' turns to abuse for actually getting change.

Best event of the campaign was having to chase Caroline Lucas down the street to retrieve an item she stole from our brexit stall.

Or maybe the tipsy old west India lady who wanted to know how it worked once you were in the polling station as she had got her whole hostel (she was a drinker, the others had various issues) to register so they could vote brexit.

Many homeless had a chat - saying they had paid in in the past it was wrong they were on the streets while migrants were housed.

Or meeting the two veterans of DDay - glider pilot and paratrooper - who a young green remainiac decided to abuse.

Or just being a Brighton Brexit'eer - with a green, SNP, Ukip, labour, conservative educating the people of Brighon.

Six years on (from hove 2010) - liberty at last.

Bloody brilliant.
Paul /)/+)