Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Anti #UKIP, Channel 4 'journalist' (snork) @cathynewman shows more stupidity.

The figures I quoted weren't just about degree-level education, but schooling too. So 51 per cent of UKIP voters lack educational qualifications (defined by YouGov as GCSE level) of any sort, compared to 36 per cent for the Tories.

Lets see what this means if we accept it is true (rather than lies, damn lies, statistics...). It must mean either:-

1) LibLabCon are seen as serving the interests of academically clever people at the expense of the less clever. There is no shame in being less clever than others - by definition half the population are less clever than average, the other half are more clever than average! So LibLabCon unfairly disadvantaging half the population is a good reason to vote for a party that doesn't - so vote UKIP!


2) That these unqualified people are 'smart' but have been failed by the state education system - a system that LibLabCon have created and been responsible for for generations. In which case it is another good reason to reject those parties and support a party that wants to ensure the best education is available to all - so vote UKIP!

Which is it Cathy? By opposing UKIP you are either you support exploitation of half the population, or you are supporting the preservation of a state education system that has failed.

The cyclists road tax/vehicle excise duty/emissions lie.

Its become fashionable for the anti-motor lobby to say that the additional money paid to the government for a tax disk does not pay for roads, that roads are paid for out of general taxation. that the tax paid for your tax disk is to pay for the emissions of your vehicle.

1) People who tax their cars do so because they want to use roads. If they don't want to use roads they would not have a car and would not tax it.

2) Road Tax is not based on the emissions of your car - it is the same whether you run your car 24/7 creating maximum emissions or never run your car creating zero emissions.

3) Even the bike-nuts say that Vehicle Excise Duty (which they say is not a tax) goes into the central pot of 'general taxation'. How can anything that is not a tax go into the governments 'general taxation' pot? It can't - this bike-nut claim is nuts.

So in summary, car owners pay road-tax/VED because they want access to roads, that money is taken by the government in a pot which is used to pay for roads.

What morons gave Kaya Burgess an award for coming up with his crap? Sheesh.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Race/Cultural wars coming to the UK.

Unless there is significant change, there will be a violent uprising in the UK.

It may already be too late to to stop it, because it so many different groups want it to happen.

1) The man who used to drive the Clapham omnibus.
His job has gone, he sees foreigners come to his country and receive more money from the taxpayer then he himself has ever received, even while working - he wants change.

2) The 'bog standard' young man.
He has never had a job that will lead to anything, and knows he probably never will, he is at the bottom of society and sees immigrants joining at a higher level than him. He has done nothing wrong so thinks 'anything is better that this' - he wants change.

3) The islamic young man.
He has never had a real job, and doesn't really want one, his 'gang' is his islamic community/circle of friends, he thinks he can make his mark by fighting a war in the name of his religion, first establishing Muslim Areas and building out from there - he wants war.

4) The Fascist and Anti-Fascist
Fascist/Anti-fascist - now the same thing, people in a gang seeking authoritarian control over others. Formerly a 'bog standard' young man now part of a wider gang looking to make their mark by fighting the 'other' gang - he wants war.

5) Politicians
Politicians want power, the more power the better, what better excuse to seize even more than by encouraging/allowing tension to build to the point of revolution? Bring in martial law and draconian big-brother authoritarian policies. Governments enjoy governing, they don't really care who they govern, as long as they have power. - war suits them fine.

6) The European Union
A major shake up is the perfect excuse to step in and dismantle the UK, break the people of England once and for all - ending centuries of English Libertarianism that has been a constant thorn in the side of authoritarian European politics/leaders.

Revolution suits all these people, because they don't like the way things are and think they can come out the other end in a better position - they can't all be right.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The far left aren't #UKIP's only enemies - BALE attack even more fiercely.

The objective is not just to attack the individual, it is to sew the seeds of mistrust among all UKIP members - if this can be done, BALE and HnH/UAF can sit back eating popcorn while UKIP members attack each other using time/energy to damage UKIP instead of building it.

UKIP grass roots are getting it from all sides, but when you are sensibly in the middle, as UKIP are, that is what happens.

I blogged about HnH/UAF (Hope Not Hate/Unite Against Fascism) a short while back, for claiming to be 'anti fascist' but in practice being fascist themselves and attacking the moderate centre (UKIP), rather than authoritarian groups like the promoters of Sharia Law.

I only recently heard about BALE (Britons against Left-Wing Extremism), they appear to be a far right group and claim to oppose Hope Not Hate. However, from their actions it is clear that they, like HnH really want to attack the moderate centre (UKIP).

BALE are working with HnH (whether organised or just opportunistically) to disrupt UKIP's grass roots members.

The BALE attacks are using the same tactics that the BNP used (before it collapsed), so I assume BALE is really just a new front for disaffected ex-BNP supporters) - BALE picks an individual and then makes wild claims about them being a HnH infiltrator and a paedophile (for some reason BALE think everyone on the left is a paedophile, so everyone they attack is called a paedophile too).

While these attacks are in progress it is usual for fake profiles and pages to pop up on various social media in the name of the person being attacked, and for incriminating postings to be attached to them. These fake postings are then taken and used elsewhere as 'evidence' - removing them further from the original source and making them that bit harder to verify/disprove.

The objective is not just to attack the individual, it is to sew the seeds of mistrust among all UKIP members - if this can be done, BALE and HnH/UAF can sit back eating popcorn while UKIP members attack each using time/energy to damage UKIP instead of building it.

One person currently being attacked is Linda Reid - secretary of UKIP Brighton and Hove. I originally met her as she was a long time UKIP supporter and became my electoral agent in the 2010 general election and even since then we spent many days leafleting together and doing other UKIP work - I can say from experience and without hesitation that she is a first rate supporter of an Independent UK, she is honest, fair and has great integrity - a huge asset to UKIP and someone anyone would be proud to count as a friend.

As BALE have made such wild, incredible claims about someone I know well I believe everything else they say must be read knowing that they are untrustworthy and seek to damage UKIP. They as much an enemy of UKIP as HnH/UAF - and being anonymous dangerous in many different ways.

While on 'enemies' - I will mention the SLAT accounts (like SLATUKIP) - which I think is short for Sad Losers ATtack UKIP. They are just as keen to disrupt UKIP, and have cooperated (whether formerly or opportunistically) with both HnH/UAF and BALE against UKIP - their common enemy.

My advice? Ignore anonymous postings on the internet - if they don't have confidence to make themselves known, they aren't worth a second of a real persons time.