Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Winning the war against primative cultures

I was delighted to hear that racist men of foreign extraction cannot find UK born brides subservient enough to meet their primitive cultural requirements.

It seems that many brides are being imported from various third world locations (particularly pakistan) because there they have been suitably crushed to meet the primitive cultural requirements of other immigrants who keep their primitive beliefs and reject our way of life.

This is cause for celebration because it means that many immigrants and their descendants (particularly the girls) are freeing themselves of their primitive cultural roots and embracing our open, free and fair way of life. Good on ya girls.

It is a shame that some immigrants and their descendants cannot accept this so have to 'phone home' for a bride - but in our open, free and fair society I hope we can rely on these wretched imports finding themselves, embracing our culture of freedom and disappointing their husbands and husbands families royally.