Friday, 16 October 2015

An army of #EUout Ambassadors - starts here.

You want the UK out of the EU,
We want the UK out of the EU.

You know your vote alone is not enough,
We know our vote alone is not enough.

You know you need to speak to others to get them to vote 'leave',
We know we need to speak to others to get them to vote 'leave'.

You are not confident enough to speak to others about it,
We are - and you can be too.

We will give you the information and tools you need to explain to others
- Why the UK is better as an independent country, outside of of the EU's control.
- Why the arguments used to keep us in the EU are flawed.

We are just like you - we want the UK out of the EU, and we want to tell others why, but not only that we want to tell them how they can tell others to do the same!

Don't just persuade others to vote 'leave', persuade them to persuade others to vote 'leave', and persuade those others to persuade others to vote 'leave'...

Leave needs to go viral and it needs to start now to be string enough come polling day to win a 'Leave' vote.

Most of the arguments for leaving the EU are not actually specifically about the EU, they are about the UK being a strong, successful, free country, and its people being strong, successful and free. They are arguments that every British school child should be taught, they are the essence of a modern, free society.

We aren't perfect, we don't know everything, but we have made a start, and it will develop. We aren't 'in charge', we are just doing this because we want to - and you can too...

Please visit this page, and add your comments - we can create a nation of ambassadors for a modern free society from the bottom up - sweeping the EU (and any future threats!) away while we do so.