Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Theresa May - a #Brexit'eer Genius? #BrexitSaturday

I have posted this in various places since late last year, I put it here for reference!

The theory goes like this...

Theresa May has deliberately ensured that every reamainer line of attack/resistance is fully exhausted so once brexit happens no remainer can say they weren't given every opportunity to raise challenges and have them heard. So come brexit no rational person can have any complaint.

Theresa May has deliberately let the EU set the negotiating agenda so there can be no complaint that the UK hampered the process leading to the final outcome, it has been 100% EU driven - but done in the knowledge that the EU have zero chance of delivering any deal in time... so ensuring that the UK gets a 'no deal brexit' entirely due to the EU's incompetent managing of the process.

So come brexit we leave with no special deal (just WTO), and remainers and proEU bods have nothing to criticise the UK for because they were given every opportunity and ran the negotiations.

Well... thats how the theory goes... what do you think?


From The Sun newspaper:

This article sets out that with about one year to go to Brexit Saturday when we awake to spend our first full day in an independent UK, (30th March 2019), the whole basis of the EU exit agreement and divorce bill has been thrown into the air...

I refuse to accept that there is any 'divorce bill' to pay, and I want to leave the EU with 'no deal' - we can trade with them under WTO terms just as we shall with most of the rest of the world.

Take the Brexit Pledge - hold Ms May to her word (she may appreciate your support!!) - Brexit means Brexit, by Brexit Saturday. Print, buy,send, deliver pledge cards as far and as wide as possible - this is the next line in the sand and it MUST hold.

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