Tuesday, 22 September 2015

VW Emissions - The state is always incompetent so needs to be as small as possible.

The state test cars because car makers can't be trusted. VW behaved as expected (untrustworthily), it is the state that has failed by not detecting this earlier.

Every single employee employed in the testing of vehicles should be sacked and any pay they received clawed back and given to the car owners, VW and taxpayers.

You have probably heard about the 'VW emissions scandal':

They have admitted that they programmed their cars engine management systems to run extra-clean while emissions were being tested so they were within the legally set emission limits, but that the engine management system ran less clean, but more powerfully when in use and being tested for power.

So all the blame is being put on VW... However what is it they actually did (apart from the academic offence of 'breaking the law')?

What they did is make a mockery of the US government. A government who introduced laws and expensive testing/compliance red tape, and testing regimes that completely failed to do what they said it would do... All this time, money, effort that the US government have expended on these laws and testing has been completely wasted - millions, if not billions of taxpayer dollars, down the drain for absolutely nothing... In fact, worse than nothing, for a false sense of security.

What idiots thought it was a good idea for the government to create unenforcible laws? And create a huge expensive regime to fail to enforce those laws?

The state test cars because car makers can't be trusted. VW behaved as expected (untrustworthily), it is the state that has failed by not detecting this earlier.

Every single employee employed in the testing of vehicles should be sacked and any pay they received clawed back and given to the car owners, VW and taxpayers.

Monday, 21 September 2015

The new House of Lords - Lets hound the dead weight Lords out today!

I am no fan of the Electoral Reform Society - I think they are worse than a nasty waste of space, they actually block real reform by claiming the ground and doing nothing worthwhile with it.

They ignore the nasty, unrepresentative, unelected EU commission (because they share its progressive, social democratic headline ideals of crushing the free individual) and focus on reform of our House of Lords.

The appointed Lords is quirky but it works - modern practice is to use what works even if the reasons for it working are as yet unknown (but do, of course, research why it works). We have test driven software development, evidence based medical practices etc... we start with what works, then work out why - the House of Lords basically works.

However, while the House of Lords does basically work, it is too big. And each time it is 're-balanced' it just gets bigger. It needs a mechanism for ditching its dead weight - while I don't make a specific proposition for this mechanism of ejecting the dross, I do, here outline where the dross is to be selected from.

Here is a table showing how many votes each party got in teh 2015 election and shows how many seats they should have in the lords by strict PR.

There are some lose ends - Independents, Bishops, Cross Benchers etc. But you can see that we can start selecting hundreds for the chop immediately - simply rank them by usefulness (attendance, contribution to debate etc) and top slice the ones to keep.

If someone does that ranking and names those who should go, the public can start hounding them out of office immediately...

PartyVotes 2015Lords ActualLords PRNew Size
Conservative Party1130010922328865149-74112-11174-149
Labour Party934732421123827123-8892-11962-149
UK Independence Party388109939996514838352623
Liberal Democrats241586210162-3932-6924-7716-85
Scottish National Party14544363737191914141010
Green Party1157613130291514111087
Democratic Unionist Party1842604512-22-21-3
Plaid Cymru18170425320201-1
Sinn Féin17623244222211
Ulster Unionist Party114935231201-11-1
Social Democratic & Labour Party9980933111111
Independent Liberal Democrat10-10-10-10-1
Independent Social Democrat10-10-10-10-1
Independent Ulster Unionist10-10-10-10-1
Independent Labour20-20-20-20-2

77 years on Merkel prepares for Kristallnacht 2015.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Big Brother House (of Lords)

A solution to the mass over population of the house of Lords is available right now with no new legislation required.

Euthanasia of peerages. Not (necessarily) euthanasia of peers, just of peerages. Set a size for the House of Lords and operate one in/one out. How the peer to be removed is selected doesn't really matter - as long as the new peer is more useful than the one leaving, the public win.

We can start right away - list all the peers, rate them, and terminate all but the top 200(?). If there is any dispute from the top losers they can debate to replace one of the top 200... Maybe put on TV and let the public vote them in/out.

Job done - could all be fixed by Christmas.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What is wrong with droning two 'British' ISIS fighters?

Cameron ordered a drone strike in Syria on two ISIS fighters who had once lived in the UK - both were killed, the justification was that they were planning some form of terrorist attack on the UK's VJ (Victory In Japan at the end of WW2) commemoration event in London that was to be attended by all the UK's 'great and good' right up to the Queen.

OK this is never going to be an unpopular thing to do - but there are some issues that need considering.

1) Isn't it pathetic that Cameron would rather have kept these terrorist leaders in the UK all along? He has worked hard to prevent such people leaving the UK!

2) Isn't it pathetic that Cameron won't strip those who join ISIS of their passports because this is too complicated legally, but can happily have them executed?!

3) If these two were to actually carry out the terrorist action, surely their well known faces on London streets would have been found in seconds? So why not let them come and pick them (and other accomplices) up? Seems a bit of a pathetic waste of an opportunity by Cameron.

4) If these two were just the planners, and the terrorist action was to be done by others, then who and where are these others? Presumably they are already/still here in the UK waiting for another plan to be given to them for execution? Bit pathetic of Cameron to have left them our there.

5) If killing British Citizens is now OK without any legal process - who is safe? Anyone?

6) Funny that this was so easy, but (say) deporting radical preachers/recruiters is so difficult - it suggests our 'due process' is far to complex and in favour of the criminal. Of course this suits our legal profession who make more money the more complex the law us. Surely we should completely review this and get the legal blood suckers back in their cages.

7) I'll add stuff if I think of it - or better still, add your own comments below!

8) Oh and one of the youngsters was photographed in the UK with Ed Balls (former Labour Chancellor) saying he wanted to be the UK's first 'Asian' Prime Minister - of course if he had made any effort in UK politics he would have been fast tracked ahead of any native youngster (like my kids or maybe yours) right to the top (brown, migrant, muslim ticking the progressive minority boxes!) - and he could be in the Labour leadership contest today... and we could be on our way to having an Islamic Terrorist as our PM.

9) Hmmm Michael Fallon in an interview on BBC radio specifically said it was about specific attacks that were planned - however this happened after the VJ day events, so the attack could *not* have been about VJ day...