Friday, 10 June 2011

AGW or not AGW?

AGW - Anthropogenic Global Warming - Mankind's contribution (if any) to global warming (if any).

Please consider this point - If the world is heading towards catastrophic overheating, should our decision on whether to respond or not to such a threat dependent on whether or not mankind contributed to the warming?

I'd suggest it would make absolutely no difference what the cause was. I can't imagine anyone suggesting otherwise. If catastrophic global warming were on its way, I would expect people to seek solutions regardless of why it was happening.

However there appears to be a massive focus on mankind's claimed contribution to global warming juxtaposed with 'natural' changes - but man is as much part of nature as anything else on earth, our actions are not unnatural, we seek the best outcomes for ourselves and our offspring as do all animals.

So why is mankind castigated so?

Simply because there are people who like to bully other people, there are people who like to control other people, there are people who, really, don't actually like other people - these are the people who are obsessed with AGW. Like similar people thought the ages 'guilt' is their primary weapon - the seek to make others guilty about their own humanity. The seek to make us feel guilty to the point that they we submit to their will, so we stop seeking our own best outcome and, instead, work for their best outcome.

If we, as part of nature, have an impact on the environment - this is simply nature in action. If someone else would benefit from us having less, or a different impact then it is up to them to make a case for us to consider - and maybe offer compensation to us for what we are giving up in their interest.

However, such an approach would not suit those who seek control over us - a negotiation is among equals, and this does not serve their purpose. They seek control, and their tool of choice is 'guilt' (just as it has been for this type of person for millennia). By convincing people that it is their particular contribution that is causing a problem the controllers hope to generate guilt and maybe some shame, which then puts us under their control - to the extent that we not only cut back our seeking for our own best outcome, but we willing transfer some of what we have left to their best outcome.

Well there is nothing to be guilty about or ashamed of in our nature - we were made this way. Don't submit to self-censorship, self-loathing or self-flagellation at the instigation of others. If others want us to change what we do, then it is for them to ask and negotiate not to bully, cajole and oppress.

Is there AGW? who cares? its irrelevant - don't be cowed.

Is there Global Warming? Well that is a completely different question...

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