Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Socialism - not in our imperfect world...

Want to see socialism in action? Look at the rubbish blowing around the streets of Brighton.

In the name of socialism the bin men are unionised, but the union put their own interests ahead of the public - so hold the residents to ransom to extract more money from them.

In the name of socialism the council provides bin collection, but this take responsibility away from the people - making them lazy, unthinking and dependent. Who cares how much rubbish they produce if they have already paid for it to be collected?

In the name of socialism the council is responsible for keeping streets clean, but this takes responsibility away from the people too - its not their problem. If someone drops rubbish in the street it no ones business - the council are paid to clean up.

This happens to 'socialism' every time. 'The people' are sold the mirage of everything belonging to every one, of every one being responsible for everything, everyone having a say on everything. But soon an elite takes over and claims to be 'the people', while the people are sidelined owning nothing, responsible for nothing, having a say on nothing.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Email I sent to Brighton Council - wonder how long till they respond?

Thank you for your comments, Paul Perrin

This is an automated response to let you know that your enquiry has been received by Brighton & Hove City Council Website, and will be answered as soon as possible.
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If refuse collectors are not working then (as a city resident) I would like to privately hire a truck, collect the worst of the rubbish and take it to the dump. I believe the council dumps will not currently allow me to do this - how do I get permission to take council rubbish to a council dump? I would also like written confirmation that the council do not consider dumped rubbish to be their 'property' so there is no question of anyone preventing such a collection. Thanks

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Monday, 17 June 2013

How Feminism screwed up its opportunity.

Before 'feminism' men were the bread-winners and spent their time as part of the rat-race, women were the home-makers with spare time to spend on voluntary and other activities.

This put women in the fantastic position of having time to plan for huge improvements in society, a chance to challenge the political status quo - something that working-men simply didn't have the time/energy to do.

As the feminist movement developed looking at new politics and improving society something went wrong, very wrong.

Instead of seeking to improve society for everyone - men, women and families - feminism became a simplistic sexist attack force. Big new ideas were banished and all that was left was a demand that women be  'allowed' to give up the role/space that they had and simply join the working-men in the rat-race.

An amazing opportunity was squandered - as free people demanded the right to become slaves...

Imagine the 'Occupy' protesters gradually demanding (and getting) the right to become overpaid, under performing bankers... That what feminism has done - instead of changing anything for the better, just become exactly what it set out to change...


Brighton Eco Show at the Brighton Centre - Future of Electric Cars.

At the show last week end there was a seminar with three pro-Electric Cars (or EV's Electronic Vehicles).

They spoke about many things that they though were 'important'or'great' about EVs, here are some with my observations.

1) You really need to know how you will use your EV before choosing one - short, long, commuting etc.


You will own a car for 5 to 10 years... your needs/use will almost certainly CHANGE in that time. Heck, I am on a bog standard mobile phone deal because I never know how I'll be using it so don't go for special mobile tariffs! How do I know what use my car will be put to over the next 5-10 years.

As it happens I tow a mobile camper, I fairly often take 4 or 5 other passengers. I also pop down to the sea front to collect a son from the bus stop to save a 30min walk (since the 52 bus route was messed up by the greens)

2) Electric cars are pollution free.


The electricity (or hydrogen) is generated somewhere - the pollution is just shifted.

3) You drive better because you have an eye on energy use.


Is driving for better 'energy use' actually better driving for road use safety? I often floor the gas it in my car to join a motorway. I break hard if it is needed (being cut up etc) too. I keep a safe distance but move with the traffic its about other vehicles, not my fuel consumption.

4) With a hybrid you don't need to worry about range.


You spend your whole time consuming fuel (electric or petrol) hauling around the other motor that you aren't using! And I'll bet the servicing is a good chunk more than for a single engine.

5) Electric cars are great for car clubs, one club car takes 20 other cars off the road - cutting pollution and congestion.


Those other 20 other cars would be *parked* if they aren't actually being used - Car Club cars don't cut journeys, just physical numbers of vehicles.

6) Energy feed in tariffs mean you can have the electricity for your car *free*.


Those feed in tariffs are artificial - set by the government to encourage take up - how many people got diesel cars because they were encouraged too by low diesel duty, but now pay more than for petrol?!

Also the feed in tariffs are paid by tax on other peoples energy bills - you can bet the poor don't have solar panels etc... so they are picking up the bill for wealthier people who do have capital to invest on such things!

Electric Car? No Thanks!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Scottish Independence - I oppose it even though it would be good for English economy.

I support the union 100% - my birthright, being UK born,  is to have free movement and equal treatment anywhere in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (unfortunately not in Southern Ireland though).

That said, Scotland's independence is out of my hands, it is up to the people currently living in Scotland to vote on it in a referendum next year. Note it is people currently living in Scotland not just (nor all) Scots as many Scots don't currently live in Scotland, and many of the people living in Scotland are not Scots...

If Scotland do get independence, what I would like England's Government to do is:

1) Require all Scots (as non EU citizens) to have visas for being in the UK.

Work visas only issued if an UK(/EU) citizen provably cannot do the job. This would free up many jobs in the UK and so reduced our unemployment substantially at little cost to the UK.

2) Put the maximum possible tariffs on Scottish goods.

England is Scotland's primary export market, with imports blocked, the goods services provided by Scottish companies would have to relocate south of the new border - bringing a massive boost to English manufacturing and services (especially in the North) at little cost to the UK.

3) Veto any Scottish application for EU membership.

To ensure the benefits set out above come to fruition, there would have to be no doubt that Scotland would never be a member of the EU while England remains a member.

It is tempting to support Scottish independence for the huge economic benefits that would accrue to the remaining UK - however I would much prefer the Union to remain and be strengthened.

Scotland leaving the UK would not be a repetition of Eire leaving the UK, but more a repetition of Pakistan ceding from India.

Last 10 days of the campaign for scottish independence and it has been pointed out that Scotland has a huge number of civil service jobs that have nothing to do with Scotland... so
4) Repatriate as many state jobs from Scotland to England as possible.