Sunday, 24 May 2015

Who is to 'head' (whatever that means) the EU out campaign?

Here is one article on it:

Douglas Carswell suggested James Dyson...

Err, remember the lunatic EU law cutting vacuum cleaner power to 1,600w? James Dyson wants to leave the EU because he thinks that limit is too *high* he wanted it cut to 700w (I wonder what power his devices use eh?).

James Dyson is exactly the kind of person that EU-Lovers say the EU *protects* us from - and they are right partly right! The EU are bad, but there are worse things! However there are far, far better things too!!

After we leave the EU, there is no point in letting a different set of authoritarian loons (like Dyson) get near the levers of power! Like the tragedy of Eire/Southern Ireland when they got independence from the UK, then spent a generation under the repressive authoritarian DeValera and Catholic Church, and once DeValera was finally out of the way they joined the EU!

UK must leave the EU for *more* liberty, not less as Dyson wants.

What was Carswell thinking when he suggesting this monster to lead the 'out' campaign?

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