Wednesday, 25 July 2018

HourCoin - a crypto currency for Agorists and Libertarians...


Imagine a currency you issue yourself (as does everyone else), secured against your own future labour, quite simply secured on the basis that you trade your time for other peoples time.

On occasion you have free time you have no immediate use for, so convert it into tradable currency that you can use to buy other peoples time with in future... you need work done but dont have the time/capacity to do it? Pay others to do it with coins you mint, backed by the promise you'll return the effort in the future.

Babysit today, have your garden cleared tomorrow (or vica versa)  - look after an elderly neighbour today, use the tokens to pay to be looked after when you need it. 

Creating a crypto-currency has long been on my list of needs - each coin fundamentally secured against an hour of unskilled labour by the person who minted it. Tradable IOUs, time offsetting between when you have time available and when you don't. And trading unskilled, different skilled and multi-skilled time for your own.

Mint coins by promising to give your time, cancel coins by delivering on the promise, trade coins freely in the mean time.

I just discovered how easy it is to create crypto tokens - compatible with standard crypto wallets. So could do this tomorrow... but it needs a critical mass of initial participants to get going... anyone interested in looking to get on baoard?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The clock is ticking, business needs a solid option to prepare for #Brexit

There is only one guarenteed option, UK needs to chose it and let business prepare.

We have about 8 months to #Brexit. Companies have little time to prepare for any change.

This means business demands either *no change* or we need to switch to something already available off the shelf (maybe with a few simple additions) with as much notice as possible.

To be able to continue as 'No Change' will be at the whim of the EU - we cannot force  them to continue -- and the price, if they are willing to continue, is likely to be massive.

So we really need to look at off the shelf solutions that can be implemented without active EU cooperation. The obvious solution is a no-deal, WTO #Brexit. Many UK companies who import/export will already be using suitable systems for trading under WTO rules - to add a new WTO country (rump EU) or maybe setting up each member state as a new country, to such systems should be very straight forward - for those who don't already have such systems they are freely available off the shelf.

These are the only options that can be implemented in time - and it is only the second that the UK can be sure to have available for business.

With new tariff levels with the EU, adjustments to UKs WTO tariff levels may be required, but these would (of course) be for all WTO, Most Favoured Nation partners.

Once out of the EU on WTO terms, with WTO based systems, any new trade deal can be incorporated under 'business as usual' for all trading companies.

The clock is ticking - the sooner this can be announced the better.

NB: My skills are processes and re-engineering systems, not international trade -- but I have read that the Treaty of Vienna (on treaties) and WTO could give us a ten year grace period with the EU continuing on zero tarriffs. This wouldn't change the process of no-deal, but would make transfer to standard tarrifs a more relaxed process.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Sussex Police vs @pperrin - the beginning of the end...

Dear Ms K*** (officer of the Sussex Police),

I am finally in a position to start to counter your vindictive, personal, nasty and outright evil campaign against me.

Your outright lies, duplicity and misinformation are plain by comparing the live recordings against your deceitful notes.

As I said right at the start, everything about the matter was in the public domain right at the start, before you arrested me - either you had a case from day one or you didn't - there is no case now, so you never had one, there was no reason for arrest.

But to please the press you arrested me anyway - and then spent six months trying to 'fit me up'.

I broke no law, every competent person involved agrees that I broke no law the first legal advice you got (having lazily not bothered to get advice before the arrest) says there was no legal case -- only *you* ever tried to prove otherwise.

You have the arrogance to send me a letter 'warning' me where free speech becomes illegal - but *you* are the only person who is not competent to judge!! Everyone else knows my tweets were legal, only *you* thought otherwise.

I said I had broken no law, your legal person said I had broken no law, the CPS said I had broken no law -- only *YOU* said otherwise, it is you who needs advice, instruction, education... Your ignorant and arrogant letter when you admitted defeat and could raise no charge against me, was so impertinent as offered me advice... wake up lady, it is you who needs to take advice, not me - it is only you who was wrong!

Anyway - there is a long way to go, but the evidence is massing against your nasty,vindictive, corrupt attack on me (a simple, innocent, pleb) and I intend to be compensated in full.


Paul Perrin (the innocent victim of your hate).

p.s I have *** your name so posting this all over social media isn't 'personal'.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Jewish Bolshevism - canard or fact? And is Islamic Momentum/Corbyn history repeating?

The principle of an unhappy people residing in an others land and it causing problems does seem to be coming around again - while radicalised Jews in eastern Europe/Asia joined the Bolsheviks and sought (successfully) to destroy the Tsars Russia. today in western Europe we have radicalised Muslims joining ISIS to overthrow the West, and joining Corbyn's Labour/Momentum to overthrow the UK.

Is Communism a Jewish conspiracy?

It is not something that had particularly interested me so I had never looked up the details, but in alternative social media (the bit that isn't policed by the same corrupt people who police our old media) it fairly regularly gets mentioned.

Of course the fact alternative social media isn't policed doesn't mean it is all correct or true - but it does mean you get to see all the views and information that our lords and masters would rather was kept quiet whether it is true or not. So you have to research and decide for yourself what is to be believed, but at least you are not starting with all the information (and then some) - not just the parts that they establishment think will lead you to agree with them.

My knowledge of the Russian Revolution is not extensive, but basically...

A bit after WW1, in 1917, the Tsar had managed to piss off enough of the wrong people that a political group known as the Bolsheviks oversaw a revolution, shortly after which the Tsar and his entire family were secretly killed and their bodies hidden so there could be no 'shrine' for his supporters to venerate.
The Bolseviks were a socialist/communist movement, inspired by the works of Carl Marx (who had lived about 50 years earlier).
After the revolution the Joseph Stalin (or just Stalin to his friends and enemies) rose to the top of the Communist leadership and ended up removing and killing off all competition to his position, including most of the original Bolsheviks.

So... Googling 'were the bolsheviks jewish', the first result was a wikipedia link...

Ok... I thought this was really funny -- that 'Jewish Bolshevism' was considered antisemitic and anti-communist... It suggests both that Jews are tainted by being associated with Communism, and at the same time Communism is tainted by being associated with Jews...

However it did say it was a canard (that the accusation is false), so I read further -
Some scholars have grossly exaggerated Jewish presence in the Soviet Communist Party. For example, journalist David Aaronovitch quotes Alfred Jensen as saying that in the 1920s "75 per cent of the leading Bolsheviks" were "of Jewish origin".[better source needed] According to Aaronovitch, "a cursory examination of membership of the top committees shows this figure to be an absurd exaggeration".[21]

Ok, so the leadership were claimed to be 75% Jewish, but Aaronovich says a cursory examination would show this an 'absurd exaggeration. -- Well following the link, hoping to see that 'cursory examination' I was disappointed... the link is the the article that is quoted, but talks about 15% of Bolshevik 'officers' being Jewish, but doesn't talk of  the leaders...

At this point I checked on Marx himself - while he wasn't a practicing Jew, his father (sometime before his birth) had converted from Judaism to Protestantism to 'escape the constraints of anti-semitic legislation'...

Back to the leading Bolsheviks etc... Googling further... it turned up some articles in leading Jewish oriented publications that say that Jews were behind the revolution! Although does go on to say it wasn't specifically because they were Jewish.

Google turned up this article that looked interesting covering the whole issue, but is from (what turns out to be) a contentious organisation - Theresa May banned its leader from entering the UK! - but the quotes and facts can be simply double checked.

That article did turn up some interesting quotes from the time - including an article by Winston Churchill basically, again, saying that the Bolsheviks were primarily (cultural) Jews, but the revolution was not innate to their culture/religion but was a reaction to them being persecuted - this seems to have been the basis of his support for Zionism, a nation state for the Jews.

By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill.

So there you have it! Seem to outcome from this search is that, yes Jews were behind it, but not because they were Jewish but because they were persecuted.

Later of course, Hitler dealt with his concerns about Jews with gas chambers, Churchill dealt with his concerns about Jews by supporting the creation of Israel.

The principle of an unhappy people residing in an others land and it causing problems does seem to be coming around again - while radicalised Jews in eastern Europe/Asia joined the Bolsheviks and sought (successfully) to destroy the Tsars Russia. today in western Europe we have radicalised Muslims joining ISIS to overthrow the West, and joining Corbyn's Labour/Momentum to overthrow the UK.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Theresa May - a #Brexit'eer Genius? #BrexitSaturday

I have posted this in various places since late last year, I put it here for reference!

The theory goes like this...

Theresa May has deliberately ensured that every reamainer line of attack/resistance is fully exhausted so once brexit happens no remainer can say they weren't given every opportunity to raise challenges and have them heard. So come brexit no rational person can have any complaint.

Theresa May has deliberately let the EU set the negotiating agenda so there can be no complaint that the UK hampered the process leading to the final outcome, it has been 100% EU driven - but done in the knowledge that the EU have zero chance of delivering any deal in time... so ensuring that the UK gets a 'no deal brexit' entirely due to the EU's incompetent managing of the process.

So come brexit we leave with no special deal (just WTO), and remainers and proEU bods have nothing to criticise the UK for because they were given every opportunity and ran the negotiations.

Well... thats how the theory goes... what do you think?


From The Sun newspaper:

This article sets out that with about one year to go to Brexit Saturday when we awake to spend our first full day in an independent UK, (30th March 2019), the whole basis of the EU exit agreement and divorce bill has been thrown into the air...

I refuse to accept that there is any 'divorce bill' to pay, and I want to leave the EU with 'no deal' - we can trade with them under WTO terms just as we shall with most of the rest of the world.

Take the Brexit Pledge - hold Ms May to her word (she may appreciate your support!!) - Brexit means Brexit, by Brexit Saturday. Print, buy,send, deliver pledge cards as far and as wide as possible - this is the next line in the sand and it MUST hold.

Print this yourself or you can buy this as a postcard - singly addressed and posted to you, or a pack of ten, for you to address/use as you please - from

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Regulation revisited?...

My Grandmother - Child Safety Entrepreneur

In the 1960's after a spate of child deaths from nighties catching fire my Grandmother setup a business making and selling non-flamable nighties - she did this because she was horrified at the accidents, she was skilled as a seamstress and she wanted to make a living.

Government Intervention

In the mid 60s the UK parliament caught up with what was happening and introduced laws on the flammability of children's nighties.

Laws relating to fire retardant fabrics for clothes and furnishings have been updated many times since, here are some of the more recent.

But it is not cost free

However this is not a zero cost issue - flame retardant treatment is expensive and significantly puts up the price of treated fabrics, here is a mumsnet discussion on the horrendous price of childrens cotton nighties...

And there is health and the environment

Also it has now been found that some of the flame retardant treatments use chemicals that  may be damaging to people health and to the environment.

Times change, homes have few naked flames today

Another consideration since the start of this issue is that houses now have far fewer naked flames and sources of ignition than they did back in the 1960's. Houses tend not to have open fires (unless for display), they are not lit by gas, candles are not used for lighting to bed etc. In fact, in a modern house apart from gas hobs (and for a cup of tea a kettle is more likely to be used anyway) the only naked flames are likely to be from scented candles and old-school cigarettes/lighters.

So the question should be whether the legislation is still appropriate and could it actually be cut. If course there is a knee-jerk reaction against removing something that supposedly makes children safer, but in a science based, evidence driven world it really should be looked at from scratch...


I started on this subject because an EUphile was giving the EU credit for making childrens nighties in the UK safe. Which is clearly not true as the UK had already started on this in the 1960's before we joined, but I also found a comment in the Mumsnet discussion (linked to above) which says...

Northanter Sat 22-Oct-16 20:26:33
Europe has different flame retardency regulations for nightwear. It is possible you could buy some from an online retailer in, say, France, and get them sent.

But sometimes you come up against regulations against importing them altogether.
If you or any acquaintance are planning a trip to Europe, you can ask them to get you one (or several, in lots of sizes!) - you can usually get them pretty cheaply in H&M or C&A in France and Belgium at least, probably elsewhere too.

So suggesting that the UK laws have been stricter than the EU laws all along!

ps. And they have similar discussions  in the USA...