Wednesday 6 May 2015

BBC Bias against #UKIP - A comment on the last #BBC #R4Today before election day.

This morning listening to BBC Radio 4 today, I heard a UKIP based headline and was slightly optimistic.

A Conservative had left the Conservative party because he hated the Tory candidate - who had Tamil heritage. This ex-Conservative Had managed to join UKIP and become a UKIP candidate (oops).

This bloke was stewarding at an event that was part of Nigel Farage's (UKIP's leader) election campaign, being a high profile event the UKIP hating, EU, Labour, Socialist loving Daily Mirror had undercover reporters there looking for dirt - and on this occasion found some, with the long standing enemy of the Tory candidate spilling his bile and doing so while 'on duty' as a UKIP steward.

The ex-Conservatives rant against his long standing 'enemy' included emphasising how much he disliked the thought of the (racial minority) candidate ever becoming Prime Minister - by saying he felt so strongly he would 'personally put a bullet between [the tory candidates] eyes if he ever became Prime Minister'.

So why was I 'optimistic'? Because while the Daily Mirror headline was along the lines 'UKIP Candidate Threatens to Shoot Opponent', the BBC skipped the negative spin of pretending it was a 'threat'. The BBC headline was that the Candidate had 'said he would shoot...' which is more accurate and was unexpected from the Bias BBC.

However the order of coverage of the Election by Radio 4 Today was as follows (now, remember UKIP are officially a 'major party' along side LibLabCon)

1) UKIP suspend a Candidate
2) Labour Leader last day campaigning
3) Conservative Leader last day campaigning
4) Lib Dem Leader last day campaigning
5) SNP (a minor party - expecting only around 1 million votes)
6) UKIP's last day campaigning
7) Green party

See what they did there? Negative UKIP coverage, followed by all the other major parties, then off to Scotland for their minor party, before coming back to cover UKIP (the other major party) along side with the minor national parties.

Seems the BBC know they are in trouble, and judgement is coming, but even now can't bring themselves to offer fair/balanced coverage.

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