Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bored of Carswell spin - #UKIP are about straight talking - spit it out Douglas.

Douglas Carswell seems to be a principled man - however he does not seem to be a plain speaking man.

After various interviews (usually in interviews behind paywalls, not open to your average UKIP supporter) I am still not clear what he is saying.

I find this really bloody annoying as *plain speaking* has been the hallmark of UKIP under Nigel Farage's leadership.

So I want Douglas Carswell to make plain his views on a few issues...


1) Should the UK have border controls?
2) Should the UK have the ability to refuse entry to non UK citizens for any reason the UK sees fit?
3) Should the UK have the ability/right to use an individuals medical history when assessing whether to admit them or not?

Secondly (assuming all answer to the above are 'yes', so Carswell still in UKIP):-

4) Would you automatically excluded net 'takers' from entering the UK?

And I want *plain speaking* answers - I will happily interview him to get these plain speaking answers if necessary.

Douglas Carswell need to put up or shut up and leave UKIP.

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