Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BBC and other MSM 'admit' their coverage has been biased against #UKIP

Interesting coverage of a Conservative councillor for his comments on social media. Interesting because this kind of coverage (especially on the BBC) has been almost entirely reserved for UKIP members, candidates etc. Every UKIP instance was pounced on, every other party had a free ride.

But now, suddenly, I see a national and local BBC news story on TV about a Conservative - Bob Frost here are the web links.

Dover councillor Bob Frost suspended over Big Issue tweet

The media have dug up even more on him now...

Tory councillor, 49, suspended after calling rioters 'jungle bunnies' on Facebook

The only reason for this to get such a high profile now is so the BBC and MSM can use this as 'evidence' that they aren't bias against UKIP. So admitting that up to now they have been.

Sorry guys, too late. There was clear bias up to the election, anything you now mention in court that you didn't mention at the time doesn't count.

For what its worth - I don't have any problem with calling black rioters 'jungle bunnies', nor white rioters 'white trash' - but pejorative comments on all black people or all white people based on their skin colour - that is out of order...

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