Wednesday, 26 September 2018

MPs who reject our democracy can not claim any legitimacy for their own election as MPs!

We know the left in the UK are the only dangerous native extremists - and they have infiltrated pretty much all sections of society (with influence way of of proportion to their size). They have particularly infiltrated the public sector giving them huge and unaccountable access to taxpayers funds.

And now they so emboldened as to openly call to overturn the UK's democracy. As Maggie T said "Socialists don't like giving people choice, because people may well not choose socialism.".

But on with this incident...

Labour MP's calling for the overthrow of the UK's constitutionally and democratically installed government. The speaker is Laura Smith MP (Lab - Crewe and Nantwich) to her left as you look at the screen is Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Lab - Brighton Kemptown).

These people are simply unfit to be MP's - they should be subject to immediate recall.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Make political beliefs a Protected Characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

If you want people to be more active in politics,then you have to remove the extensive punishments that people face for being active in politics.

Why don't more people (especially the young) get involved in politics?

Because it is unlikely to do their career chances any good (unless they are a politician), and it is quite likely to cause their career prospects harm.

Peoples political beliefs are part of the way they think about things - to be punished for the way you think make it a 'thought crime' and is a direct attack on free speech.

The solution? Make political beliefs a Protected Characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

Make it illegal to discriminate based on political beliefs, and where necessary bring in quotas in the public sector and targets in the private sector to ensure all political beliefs are properly represented at all levels of society.

The first impact would (of course) be to install brexit supporters throughout the Civil Service and BBC, removing remainers who have been made redundant.

It would also likely be a improper for employers to search individuals social media and other historic material that does not form part of their current CV - other than to verify the details on the CV (or application form).

If you want people to be more active in politics,then you have to remove the extensive punishments that people face for being active in politics.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 - part of the alternative Twittersphere 'Mastodon'.

Gammon Club/Mastodon - getting started for Twitter users...

Getting off to a flying start.

(TLDR: scan to the red on yellow sections!)

Using Mastodon is quite like Twitter. The default web interface for Mastodon is very like Tweetdeck - with columns of messages selected for various reason. You can favourite, reply or boost messages (Messages are referred to as'Toots' rather than Twitters 'Tweets') and you can follow other users, and they can follow you. Twitter has around 350 million users, the Mastodon federated network has a bit over 2 million.

The biggest difference is that Twitter is run by @jack - he is the god of all Twitter. Mastodon is a federation of many smaller instances, to the user it looks pretty much the same, but each instance has its own 'jack' who administers it and different instances may have different rules. This has pros and cons, one is that you can have a jack that is fare better than @jack, the other is that you con have a jack that is far worse than @jack - but you can move instances pretty easily if it all goes sour, you aren't completely cast into the wilderness!


1) Chose an instance - maybe John Bull's Gammon.Club!

This is like an email domain, the bit after the @ in your email address -,, @ etc. This will be your local instance and be part of your id. I am (n.b. yup two '@'s in there, and I don't think capitalisation matters, I must check!). Users/toots on your home instance get special treatment/priority so it is best to choose one populated by users who will tend to be particularly interesting to you. Just as you can have more than one email address - work, gmail, yahoo etc you could have accounts on several instances, but we are staring with your first.

2) Create an account.

Once you have chosen an instance and created an account (there maybe email confirmation etc) you are good to go. So login to your new account, update your profile with a picture/avatar, a few words about yourself (whatever you want to say/disclose!) maybe other links (blog, facebook etc), you will already be setup to follow the instance administrator (your own local jack) and get started.

3) The basic display.

Your home page will look a bit like this:

  • The first column has a useful toolbar and search at the top and is where you type your new toots. 
  • The second column 'Home' lists the tweets of those people you follow (like the main twitter time line). 
  • The third column 'Notifications' shows events that specifically affect you - follows, boosts, replies etc. 
  • The fourth 'Getting Started' column can change what it shows by clicking the links or by using the toolbar in the fist column. 

4) The toolbar/fourth column.

The toolbar looks like this:

  • The first icon/buttons is 'Getting Started' and shows the 'gettng started' column with it's useful links.
  • The second icon is 'Local Timeline' which shows all the toots of all the users on your home instance.
  • The third icon is 'Federated Timeline' which is the same for all users on the instance - it shows all the toots of all the people on your instance and the toots of the people followed by people on your instance. So as I follow all of his public tweets show in my 'Home' timeline, but in the 'Federated Timeline' too.
The next two icons don't change the fourth column - the first is 'settings' and the last is 'logout'.

5) Finding people to follow.

Clicking on a toot can take you to the posters profile, their home server, their other threads etc - if you see a tweet that you like then check out that persons own timeline - see who they are talking to, follow anyone who looks interesting.

6) Anatomy of a Toot.

  • Posted by @Battsby - an account on the same server, otherwise it would be shown as
  • Clicking the @Battsby would show his profile (in the 4th column)., clicking on @AliCat or @pperrin would show you to theirs.
  • Clicking on the time (1h, here meaning 1 hour ago)  would open the toot and its thread in a new window.
  • Clicking in the text of the tweet will display the thread the toot is part of..
  • The double left arrows allows you to 'reply' to the toot.
  • The recycle arrows allow you to boost (retoot) the message to people who follow you.
  • The star favourites the toot.
  • The ... opens more options - which are text not icons so don't need explaining here!

7) Anatomy of a new Toot. 

Looking at the input area:-
  • The crying laughing icon lets you insert emoji
  • The text area is where you type the toot! (If you were replying the names of those in the original toot would already be here)
  • The camera lets you attach a photo
  • The globe lets you set privacy (note these are not guaranteed, once tooted, assume your toot may end up in public!)
    • Public - anyone can see it.
    • Unlisted - does not appear in instance or federated timelines.
    • Followers - Unlisted and can't be boosted/retooted for others to see.
    • Direct  - To specified users only.
  • CW adds a content warning - requiring users to click a 'read more' to see the toot (good for joke punchlines, or content people may not want thrust directly in their faces!)
  • The number (here 500) is the number of characters you have left to use!

8) Anatomy of a Profile.

If you click on an users name @user@home-instance you will get a summary view of their profile in the fourth column. vis.

I use JohnBull for admin, pperrin for chat this is the profile viewed from another instance.

Most of the information is pretty self explanatory - one quirk is that the toot, toot and reply and media pages may initially be blank -- as your instance will need to contact the other instance to fetch them...

But a nice easter egg is if you click on the avatar image... it will take you to the profile page on the home server vis.

(note: the edit is there only because I was still logged in!)

The fields here are, again pretty self explanatory. But give you a page full if information at a time rather than it being squeezed into a column(!). And as this page is from the home server all the info will be up to date immediately.

9) A Conversational Thread

Just as quick side note - if you see a toot you want to reply to, I would suggest you first click on the '...' and then 'expand this status' - this will display the entire thread in the fourth column - and seems to do a better job of pulling in comments from other instances to the thread.

10) A Handy Bookmarklet

Toot from any page - drag this to your bookmarks bar - it assumes you are on - if you are on a different instance, edit it to change the url.

Toot the Current Page!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

HourCoin - a crypto currency for Agorists and Libertarians...


Imagine a currency you issue yourself (as does everyone else), secured against your own future labour, quite simply secured on the basis that you trade your time for other peoples time.

On occasion you have free time you have no immediate use for, so convert it into tradable currency that you can use to buy other peoples time with in future... you need work done but dont have the time/capacity to do it? Pay others to do it with coins you mint, backed by the promise you'll return the effort in the future.

Babysit today, have your garden cleared tomorrow (or vica versa)  - look after an elderly neighbour today, use the tokens to pay to be looked after when you need it. 

Creating a crypto-currency has long been on my list of needs - each coin fundamentally secured against an hour of unskilled labour by the person who minted it. Tradable IOUs, time offsetting between when you have time available and when you don't. And trading unskilled, different skilled and multi-skilled time for your own.

Mint coins by promising to give your time, cancel coins by delivering on the promise, trade coins freely in the mean time.

I just discovered how easy it is to create crypto tokens - compatible with standard crypto wallets. So could do this tomorrow... but it needs a critical mass of initial participants to get going... anyone interested in looking to get on baoard?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The clock is ticking, business needs a solid option to prepare for #Brexit

There is only one guarenteed option, UK needs to chose it and let business prepare.

We have about 8 months to #Brexit. Companies have little time to prepare for any change.

This means business demands either *no change* or we need to switch to something already available off the shelf (maybe with a few simple additions) with as much notice as possible.

To be able to continue as 'No Change' will be at the whim of the EU - we cannot force  them to continue -- and the price, if they are willing to continue, is likely to be massive.

So we really need to look at off the shelf solutions that can be implemented without active EU cooperation. The obvious solution is a no-deal, WTO #Brexit. Many UK companies who import/export will already be using suitable systems for trading under WTO rules - to add a new WTO country (rump EU) or maybe setting up each member state as a new country, to such systems should be very straight forward - for those who don't already have such systems they are freely available off the shelf.

These are the only options that can be implemented in time - and it is only the second that the UK can be sure to have available for business.

With new tariff levels with the EU, adjustments to UKs WTO tariff levels may be required, but these would (of course) be for all WTO, Most Favoured Nation partners.

Once out of the EU on WTO terms, with WTO based systems, any new trade deal can be incorporated under 'business as usual' for all trading companies.

The clock is ticking - the sooner this can be announced the better.

NB: My skills are processes and re-engineering systems, not international trade -- but I have read that the Treaty of Vienna (on treaties) and WTO could give us a ten year grace period with the EU continuing on zero tarriffs. This wouldn't change the process of no-deal, but would make transfer to standard tarrifs a more relaxed process.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Sussex Police vs @pperrin - the beginning of the end...

Dear Ms K*** (officer of the Sussex Police),

I am finally in a position to start to counter your vindictive, personal, nasty and outright evil campaign against me.

Your outright lies, duplicity and misinformation are plain by comparing the live recordings against your deceitful notes.

As I said right at the start, everything about the matter was in the public domain right at the start, before you arrested me - either you had a case from day one or you didn't - there is no case now, so you never had one, there was no reason for arrest.

But to please the press you arrested me anyway - and then spent six months trying to 'fit me up'.

I broke no law, every competent person involved agrees that I broke no law the first legal advice you got (having lazily not bothered to get advice before the arrest) says there was no legal case -- only *you* ever tried to prove otherwise.

You have the arrogance to send me a letter 'warning' me where free speech becomes illegal - but *you* are the only person who is not competent to judge!! Everyone else knows my tweets were legal, only *you* thought otherwise.

I said I had broken no law, your legal person said I had broken no law, the CPS said I had broken no law -- only *YOU* said otherwise, it is you who needs advice, instruction, education... Your ignorant and arrogant letter when you admitted defeat and could raise no charge against me, was so impertinent as offered me advice... wake up lady, it is you who needs to take advice, not me - it is only you who was wrong!

Anyway - there is a long way to go, but the evidence is massing against your nasty,vindictive, corrupt attack on me (a simple, innocent, pleb) and I intend to be compensated in full.


Paul Perrin (the innocent victim of your hate).

p.s I have *** your name so posting this all over social media isn't 'personal'.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Jewish Bolshevism - canard or fact? And is Islamic Momentum/Corbyn history repeating?

The principle of an unhappy people residing in an others land and it causing problems does seem to be coming around again - while radicalised Jews in eastern Europe/Asia joined the Bolsheviks and sought (successfully) to destroy the Tsars Russia. today in western Europe we have radicalised Muslims joining ISIS to overthrow the West, and joining Corbyn's Labour/Momentum to overthrow the UK.

Is Communism a Jewish conspiracy?

It is not something that had particularly interested me so I had never looked up the details, but in alternative social media (the bit that isn't policed by the same corrupt people who police our old media) it fairly regularly gets mentioned.

Of course the fact alternative social media isn't policed doesn't mean it is all correct or true - but it does mean you get to see all the views and information that our lords and masters would rather was kept quiet whether it is true or not. So you have to research and decide for yourself what is to be believed, but at least you are not starting with all the information (and then some) - not just the parts that they establishment think will lead you to agree with them.

My knowledge of the Russian Revolution is not extensive, but basically...

A bit after WW1, in 1917, the Tsar had managed to piss off enough of the wrong people that a political group known as the Bolsheviks oversaw a revolution, shortly after which the Tsar and his entire family were secretly killed and their bodies hidden so there could be no 'shrine' for his supporters to venerate.
The Bolseviks were a socialist/communist movement, inspired by the works of Carl Marx (who had lived about 50 years earlier).
After the revolution the Joseph Stalin (or just Stalin to his friends and enemies) rose to the top of the Communist leadership and ended up removing and killing off all competition to his position, including most of the original Bolsheviks.

So... Googling 'were the bolsheviks jewish', the first result was a wikipedia link...

Ok... I thought this was really funny -- that 'Jewish Bolshevism' was considered antisemitic and anti-communist... It suggests both that Jews are tainted by being associated with Communism, and at the same time Communism is tainted by being associated with Jews...

However it did say it was a canard (that the accusation is false), so I read further -
Some scholars have grossly exaggerated Jewish presence in the Soviet Communist Party. For example, journalist David Aaronovitch quotes Alfred Jensen as saying that in the 1920s "75 per cent of the leading Bolsheviks" were "of Jewish origin".[better source needed] According to Aaronovitch, "a cursory examination of membership of the top committees shows this figure to be an absurd exaggeration".[21]

Ok, so the leadership were claimed to be 75% Jewish, but Aaronovich says a cursory examination would show this an 'absurd exaggeration. -- Well following the link, hoping to see that 'cursory examination' I was disappointed... the link is the the article that is quoted, but talks about 15% of Bolshevik 'officers' being Jewish, but doesn't talk of  the leaders...

At this point I checked on Marx himself - while he wasn't a practicing Jew, his father (sometime before his birth) had converted from Judaism to Protestantism to 'escape the constraints of anti-semitic legislation'...

Back to the leading Bolsheviks etc... Googling further... it turned up some articles in leading Jewish oriented publications that say that Jews were behind the revolution! Although does go on to say it wasn't specifically because they were Jewish.

Google turned up this article that looked interesting covering the whole issue, but is from (what turns out to be) a contentious organisation - Theresa May banned its leader from entering the UK! - but the quotes and facts can be simply double checked.

That article did turn up some interesting quotes from the time - including an article by Winston Churchill basically, again, saying that the Bolsheviks were primarily (cultural) Jews, but the revolution was not innate to their culture/religion but was a reaction to them being persecuted - this seems to have been the basis of his support for Zionism, a nation state for the Jews.

By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill.

So there you have it! Seem to outcome from this search is that, yes Jews were behind it, but not because they were Jewish but because they were persecuted.

Later of course, Hitler dealt with his concerns about Jews with gas chambers, Churchill dealt with his concerns about Jews by supporting the creation of Israel.

The principle of an unhappy people residing in an others land and it causing problems does seem to be coming around again - while radicalised Jews in eastern Europe/Asia joined the Bolsheviks and sought (successfully) to destroy the Tsars Russia. today in western Europe we have radicalised Muslims joining ISIS to overthrow the West, and joining Corbyn's Labour/Momentum to overthrow the UK.