Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Refuting attacks on anti-open-door migration arguments. Cut out and Keep.

Often the same, tired, old arguments are put forward to support EU's Open Door Immigration policy, and to attack opponents of it - so this is a 'cut out and keep' refutation of the usual sequence of challenges.

1) Migrants contribute more than they take.

Well some may well do, but also many don't. Talking about *all* migrants in this way is rather stupid. It assumes that migration must be open door or completely stopped.

Controlled migration/controlled borders would admit migrants who would be of benefit to the UK, and exclude (and deport) those who are not.

2) EU means a Brit can go to 26 other countries - restrict their access, and they will restrict ours.

Well so what? If a particular Brit is of no value to another country, why *should* they let them in? If the Brit is of benefit they will still be admitted!

3) EU 'free movement' means that migrants have free movement, they are the rules.

Yes they are the rules - but stating them doesn't make them desirable! The point of the discussion is to identify what is desirable, not state the rules. No one disputes that they are the current rules!

This line is just a diversion (used when the argument for free-movement is being lost!)

4) You are racist.

Well as there is nothing here about race, just nationality (Brits and Rest of the World) - this line is again just a diversion.

I will add to this list as and when!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Parris, Whips, Hannan and Cameron. #UKIP's perfect storm continues.

I haven't blogged much recently - just tweeted.

I wanted to blog - I want to blog - but... As UKIP's perfect storm has been running its course, 1) I don't want to jinx it and 2) I don't want to help the enemy by analysing their errors.

However, where damage to the enemy has already been done and is irreversible, its too late for them to be helped!

Matthew Parris - what a star!

Matthew Parris, the Gerald Ratner of the Conservative cause. If you don't know what a 'Ratner moment' is, google it...

Matthew Parris, a long time Conservative - once even a Conservative whip(!) - has come out and said that The Conservative party is nasty and crap, and those who vote for it either too rich for it to matter, or too stupid to realise it. Voters/supporters hear this from their opposition all the time - but when you hear it from those you are actually supporting... well that is game over. To say you are a Conservative now marks you out as an over-privileged, sneering, self-important toff, or as an idiot who has been fooled and played for a mug by those over-privileged, sneering, self-important toffs - just as Labour et al have said all along.

Matthew Parris confirmed the worst claims of those who were formerly accused of 'Politics of Envy' - no it wasn't envy, Conservatives really are over-privileged, sneering, self-important toffs who hate those 'below' them.

The Conservative Whips - show us their hands!

More Ratner-esqe moments - as the Conservative Whips declare that they have dirt on evey one of the Conservative MP's and will not hesitate to publish it if any show signs of 'disloyalty' to David Cameron (i.e. should any actually think for themselves, or put their constituents or the country first and think of moving to UKIP).

The important things here are that 1) It suggests that every Conservative MP is dirty 2) It undermines any claim to 'integrity' a Conservative MP may give for remaining in the Conservative party.

Daniel Hannan - why oh why? Now we can surmise, either a phony or the whips bitch!

It used to be that many UKIP supporters wanted Dan Hannan to switch to UKIP, and couldn't understand why he wouldn't. This has changed, and having not made the switch that seems so obvious and clear, he is now generally seen as a nasty siren voice - calling good anti-EU'ers onto the Conservative party rocks where they are neutered for ever.

In light of the Conservative Whips recent statements on enforcing loyalty, it seems the only explanation for Dan to have remained a Conservative is either 1) He is a complete phoney, and never has been anti-EU, and was always a shill, or 2) The Conservative Whips have some dirt on him that is so massively bad that he can never risk it being exposed - what can his secret be?

David Cameron - UK Democracy is a party leaders beauty contest!

'A vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband, so vote for your Conservative candidate' - wow, just wow. David Cameron is pushing this line, as are his Cabinet and MPs. It shows how much respect they for Conservative candidates as people, individuals, politicians - absolutely no respect whatsoever.

Cameron doesn't care about Conservative candidates/MP's abilities and doesn't think you should worry yourself about them either - the only consideration when you place your mark (according to Dave) is that the cardboard cutout representing the Conservative party is that it won't help Ed Miliband.

The other thing this tells us about Dave, confirming the sneaking suspicion that so many voters have had, is that our political class see General Elections as a vote for a Prime Minister. Party, manifesto, candidate, issues are irrelevant, meaningless - to our political class General Elections are a simple beauty contest between the party leaders - this is what our democracy has been reduced to.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Response to 'Small Steps: Immigration'

I replied to this blog on immigration http://www.samuelbowman.com/politics/small-steps-immigration/, but it has been awaiting moderation for a few days so I thought I'd blog it here before I forget about it.

My reply:

If the UK has basic income for citizens and migration was only available to those who had jobs, immigration would pretty much take care of itself.

If a migrant worker can compete with a native worker (who receives an additional £12k a year basic income), then they are probably a benefit to the country…

To take home the same money, a native worker could accept a salary £12k less – unlike at present where native graduates need a salary 10% higher than a migrant (to cover university loan fees).

Reply to 'negative income tax and basic income are pretty much the same thing'

Original blog here:-


I commented (as follows), but its been awaiting moderation for a few days, so thought I'd blog my response here before I forget about it!

My reply:

Indeed they are the same thing.

And with flat tax on all income there is no need to phase out ‘basic income’. Pay it to everyone (who wants to claim it) for the unemployed it replaces benefits, for the employed it replaces their ‘tax free allowance’.

Better still – if all wages are taxed at the flat tax rate, it can be collected directly from the company as a %age of their wage bill – no need for individual accounting.

Align the flat tax rate with the corporate tax rate and companies get a single tax bill – a single straight %age of wages bill+profits.

Also most ‘public services’ can be pretty much eradicated, as every individual will have ‘basic income’ to fund the services they value (individualy or in groups if they so choose).

Basic income needs to be set at least at subsistance level (we don’t let people starve). Plus whatever is ‘freed up’ from abolishing public services (which would formerly have been available to them anyway).

Introducing the flat tax is the biggest challenge, as current salaries are set assuming current tax rates – if the tax rates are unexpectedly changed, salaries should be reset to take this into account – so no windfalls/hardship from the switch itself.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Eco Show Brighton Centre - Some Good Stuff.

Spent a couple of hours at the Eco Show at the Brighton Centre yesterday (the Landlords Show was on as well, so popped in there too afterwards).

I am looking at getting a small holding, off grid, in a few years so am keen to see what self-reliant renewable tech is available. I am also keen to see what bogus stuff is being touted too!

The best single product has to be the civilised composting toilet - it was there last year, and seems to have been on the up since then - with an even smarter stand this year. Waterless and with a solar powered fan, a completely isolated device for your 'convenience'. In fact they do a toilet cabin (complete with shed) that can be dropped off complete,  put anywhere, for around £1000. http://www.eco-toilets.co.uk/blog/

Sussex Uni had a display - a product that caught my eye was a reservoir that catches the first cold water from your shower before the hot comes through (rather than letting it run straight down the plughole), and then feeds it back into the flow when the water is hot. A saving of 10pints of water per shower would mean an annual saving on a water bill of over £100 for a family of four. No power required, all done passively!

Rainwater reclaiming was interesting to - for the garden/car etc and can be used for flushing toilets. They all now seem to have mains 'top up' feeds, so no need for two pipes to everything - which is neat. We may well put  a big flat vertically mounted tank on the back of our garage...

Saving the best service till last...

The Green council have savaged our public transport to help their pet Coach company get a bus route, and have thrown millions at cycle lanes which help a few central Brighton cyclists but inconvenience all Brighton motorists... This means my wife and I have to give regular giving regular lifts to our lads, either to a better served bus stop (loads of short, inefficient trips) or all the way to/from college/work.

But at the show we discovered 'Wheels to Work'/'Wheels to Collage' http://www.eastsussexwheels2work.co.uk - who rent fully serviced/insured etc electric bikes and motorbikes to victims of the Greens, like ourselves. Just need to check the cover the city, not just the county(!).

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Voting and keeping (resurrecting?) confidence in it.

English voting is kept reliable and secure by the physical security over the ballot papers - so simple a child can understand and be sure of the system.

The principle is that a single paper is issued to a voter, and is then monitored from voting booth to the count. It is either in sight, or in a box with a seal -approved by the polling staff and candidates (or their agents). So a candidate can be as confident as humanly possible that there has been no tampering to rig the result.

Postal votes are a different matter, as they enter the polling system by post - there can be no certainty as to who they were completed by, and no assurance that a ballot is even received by the polling staff - it needs complete reform.

I believe it should be a criminal offence with a significant minimum term (say 5 years) to mark or tamper with another voters ballot paper in anyway.

Any alternative voting system, must retain this simple, visible, security - electronic/mechanical voting or counting should only ever be considered if it can meet this same standard. A machine for counting ballots may be possible if it visibly cannot introduce, change or discard ballot papers, and its results can (could) be manually verified.

A voter must be confident that their vote has been accurately counted, and that only (and all) valid votes cast by other legitimate voters are included in the result.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

It is essential to resist a tyranny before it exists - G.K.Chesterton. Vote #UKIP

The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. It is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists. It is no answer to say, with a distant optimism, that the scheme is only in the air. A blow from a hatchet can only be parried while it is in the air.

G.K.Chersterton, 1922