Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Brighton #Brexit'eers War Stories

This is an email I sent to a list I am on - I keep meaning to write up the events mentioned, but probably won't get around to it - so put these here as a summary...

Well if you want to change things in politics you can.

But be ready for when the 'good on you for getting involved' turns to abuse for actually getting change.

Best event of the campaign was having to chase Caroline Lucas down the street to retrieve an item she stole from our brexit stall.

Or maybe the tipsy old west India lady who wanted to know how it worked once you were in the polling station as she had got her whole hostel (she was a drinker, the others had various issues) to register so they could vote brexit.

Many homeless had a chat - saying they had paid in in the past it was wrong they were on the streets while migrants were housed.

Or meeting the two veterans of DDay - glider pilot and paratrooper - who a young green remainiac decided to abuse.

Or just being a Brighton Brexit'eer - with a green, SNP, Ukip, labour, conservative educating the people of Brighon.

Six years on (from hove 2010) - liberty at last.

Bloody brilliant.
Paul /)/+)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Caroline Lucas MP (Brighton Pavilion, Green) - Naughty Girl - #Brighton #Brexit'eers

I was at the Brighton Brexiteers stall on Brexit corner - as I have been most Saturdays for a few months now...

Educating people how evil the EU is and promoting by Internet Radio Station - RadioFreeUK

Suddenly my mate and fellow Brexiteer, Wayne, exclaimed "Look it's Caroline Lucas".

And indeed there she was, with a male associate having just passed our stall. Wayne addressed her, and the couple headed back towards our stall...

Wayne opened conversation and it appeared that there would be a discussion - Wayne is quite a debater and had been entertaining crowds all morning.

Now, I have some laminated sheets of posters/quotes - used as talking points when people stop to discuss the upcoming referendum and the issues around it, and one was a poster from GO Green (Greens for Grassroots Out) with a quote from Caroline and her picture - which I showed to Caroline...

To my amazement she grabbed the item and made off with it! I was a bit shocked, but someone said I shouldn't let her just take it, which, of course is quite correct.

So I gave chase, and explained "Excuse me I know you get everything on expenses, but I paid for that."

Caroline wasn't happy and initially refused to return it. I said she couldn't just steal my stuff.

I was told the quote was out of context, as the next sentence said the UK should stay in the EU to fix TTIP - now, not only is this untrue (see the end of this post for the original facebook quote), but that doesn't change the context of TTIP being a bad thing! I actually have another talking point from Jeremy Corbyn denouncing TTIP...

Eventually, after some discussion her male associate persuaded her to give it to him but not before she first tried to tear it up - however the lamination was too tough for simple tearing... He then offered to buy it from me so they could keep it, but I said I just wanted it back and took it.

Wayne suggested that in his experience it was likely that an attempt would be made to take the poster again - so it should not be left too vulnerable.

Later a group of remain supporting Greens approached and engaged Wayne at length on EU related issues - however he became a suspicious, picked up the talking point and held it close.

He told me the lead guy among the Green Remainiacs admitted he had planned to take the item, and subsequently made a mobile phone call to someone regarding it...

Now, I am just a normal, law abiding, middle class guy - and not used to this kind of behaviour among adults - but it has been suggested that future attempts may be made to remove the item... so I have made up a load more just in case!

It is a great talking point as it shows how much the EU has done on TTIP, at great expense to we taxpayers(!), without any reference to our elected representatives and how bad TTIP is.

As a talking point I also contrast this with Caroline Lucas's work as an MP in our UK parliament at Westminster, not only raising amendments, but presenting a bill to the house to retract some existing government legislation -- not something any MEP can do in the EU Parliament where only the unelected EU Commission can initiate legislation!

Why so upset? I can't help wondering about EU Parliamentary pensions... which are only paid to those who don't criticise the Commission...

I did an item on for my radio station - RadioFreeUK

And Storify'd this -

Yet Another Letter to my MP... Cameron incompetent to have no #BRExit plan?

This is the text of my most recent letter - you can write to you MP, very, very simply by visiting


Our Prime Minister - David Cameron - has made clear that he intends to stay in office regardless of the outcome of the EU referendum.

The polls suggest that the outcome of the referendum is not certain.

However, I understand that Mr Cameron has absolutely no plans, and has made no contingency for the possibility of an 'leave' vote (which he opposes).

As Mr Cameron is the leader of our country, don't you think this is a complete dereliction of duty by him? To be approaching an uncertain event and to wilfully and deliberately refuse to consider the best interests of the country should the referendum vote go against his position?

If the UK public vote to leave the EU, it is the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, who will be negotiating the UK's exit - so it is his plan that will prevail post BRExit... but we are given to understand that he has no such plan, and has instructed the Civil Service not to create one, and further has called on a 'campaigning group' (Vote Leave) made up of unelected arbitrary figures to provide him with such a plan.

If Mr Cameron is not a bare faced liar, and genuinely has no plan should BRExit prevail - he surely must be removed from office immediately for gross incompetence in performance of his duties as leader of this country - don't you agree?

Yours sincerely,

Monday, 23 May 2016

Another letter to my (Senior Conservative) MP. #ShameShameShame


Another day of David Cameron and George Osborne saying what a low opinion they have of the UK, its people, its industry and its heritage - this, the country they are privileged to be the most senior political leaders of.

Their names will live in infamy for the way they have tried to talk down this country - and the Conservative party and its senior members will be judged alongside them.

At any other time, even so much as a whisper of the disrespect they have for this country and its people would have brought instant sanction, but now the Conservative party - and even the opposition - sit mute.

Can you honestly say you would have ever supported these men had they made such statements before? I hope not.

If 'remain' scrape through they may live out their shabby political careers, but there will be no glory only shame. However if 'leave' win, their names - and the name and reputation of the Conservative party - will be in the gutter, and will live there in perpetuity.

There is no good outcome for the Conservative party now - only the least worst, which has to be the removal of this pair of lord haw haws.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Perrin

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Letter to my MP - BBC offering work to non-whites only.

Read this and write to yours... it really easy here ->

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Dear.... ,

I have recently read that the BBC are offering internships that specifically exclude white youngsters from applying.

I cannot adequately express my disgust with the BBC and other organisation involved with bringing this about - nor with the politicians who have created laws and brought about a culture where this can be considered acceptable.

Should white people of your age feel they have had an unfair advantage they are at liberty to hand over their wealth to others and surrender their jobs.However, a white youngster entering the jobs market today has has no such advantage - and is makes me sick to the stomach that guilt ridden middle-aged white progressives (in labour and conservative parties) would sacrifice the future and lives of our children to assuage their own guilt.

This is human sacrifice instigated and approved by those we trusted to govern.

Can you assure me that you will stop this racism by the BBC and sanctioned by your government?

Yours sincerely

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The EU Referendum is just a warm up for the 2020 general election. #EURef / #GE2020

Be prepared - UKIP are now more important to the UK's continued existence than ever - and will be for a few years to come. 

The EU referendum result is likely to be close (although I have a few quid on 70/30 for out) - this will make GE2020 the real show down.

If Leave win, there will be two years of negotiation and GE2020 will be a referendum on the result of those negotiations. I believe the parties will go into the election with very different positions on the negotiation:-

Labour and Lib Dem (what is left of them) will go into GE2020 saying the negotiation has failed but was unnecessary and that #BRExit should be cancelled.

Conservatives will go into GE2020 backing the weak renegotiation they will have managed which will amount to the 'associate EU membership' they wanted all along.

However if Remain win, Lib Lab Con will go in as same old, same old.

But whatever the result of the referendum Leave or Remain, UK Independence Party will go in on a full an immediate exit - content to go with World Trade Organisation terms if needs be.

UKIP cannot declare this as it would be used to exclude them from the two years of negotiations that would follow a Leave vote, and they must at least try to make it real 'brexit' (No EU Fees, No EU Laws, No EU Passports) - however given the comments made by the Conservative (so called) Leave supporters I have no doubt they have no real intention of leaving - just of manoeuvring.

Given a leave vote, GE2020 will be the EU's 'second referendum' - the one they always have when the people give them the 'wrong' answer.

Be prepared - UKIP are now more important to the UK's continued existence than ever - and will be for a few years to come.

Radio Free UK - Top #BRExit Videos.

Do share any you like!!

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