Saturday, 23 April 2016

The EU Referendum is just a warm up for the 2020 general election. #EURef / #GE2020

Be prepared - UKIP are now more important to the UK's continued existence than ever - and will be for a few years to come. 

The EU referendum result is likely to be close (although I have a few quid on 70/30 for out) - this will make GE2020 the real show down.

If Leave win, there will be two years of negotiation and GE2020 will be a referendum on the result of those negotiations. I believe the parties will go into the election with very different positions on the negotiation:-

Labour and Lib Dem (what is left of them) will go into GE2020 saying the negotiation has failed but was unnecessary and that #BRExit should be cancelled.

Conservatives will go into GE2020 backing the weak renegotiation they will have managed which will amount to the 'associate EU membership' they wanted all along.

However if Remain win, Lib Lab Con will go in as same old, same old.

But whatever the result of the referendum Leave or Remain, UK Independence Party will go in on a full an immediate exit - content to go with World Trade Organisation terms if needs be.

UKIP cannot declare this as it would be used to exclude them from the two years of negotiations that would follow a Leave vote, and they must at least try to make it real 'brexit' (No EU Fees, No EU Laws, No EU Passports) - however given the comments made by the Conservative (so called) Leave supporters I have no doubt they have no real intention of leaving - just of manoeuvring.

Given a leave vote, GE2020 will be the EU's 'second referendum' - the one they always have when the people give them the 'wrong' answer.

Be prepared - UKIP are now more important to the UK's continued existence than ever - and will be for a few years to come.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The EU Commission - The end of 800 years of English Democracy and Liberty.

800 years on, democracy lost again

 From the EU's own website:
The Commission is the European institution that has the monopoly on legislative initiative and important executive powers in policies such as competition and external trade. It is the principal executive body of the European Union and it is formed by a College of members composed of one Commissioner per Member State. It also chairs the committees responsible for the implementation of EU law. The former comitology system has recently been replaced by new legal instruments, implementing and delegated acts.

Here in the UK, people often have a slightly confused view of government and parliament. This is because our government is made up of elected MP's chosen from parliament by our Prime Minister who is also an elected MP,.

We don't really see government/parliament as that different we focus more on the 'party of government' and 'party of opposition'.

Compare this to the USA where they have two houses (The Senate - like an elected house of lords, and The House of Representatives - like our elected 'backbench' MPs) but their government (the executive) is the separately, directly elected President and anyone who he appoints as his 'ministers', none of whom have to have been elected or ever have been a Senator or Representative.

The EU has the worst of both of these worlds - unlike the UK the EU government/executive is not made up of elected MEPs, it is appointed by unelected bureaucrats - but further even the president who runs it all isn't elected either!

The EU president may as well be like the English King John who ruled as absolute monarch until he was put under the 'Magna Carta' which established in law the rights of the English to be ruled by an elected parliament to whom even the King was answerable.

The EU government strips away 800 years of the best of English liberty and democracy. It is horrific that this has been allowed to happen - and even more horrific that people are arguing to let it continue by voting to remain in the EU at the upcoming referendum.

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Great Tory #BRExit Con.

If UK convincingly votes 'remain' all bets are off, the UK is dead and we are history.

If UK votes for BRExit, Cameron will resign, Boris will take over and start (supposedly) negotiating our exit deal.

However, in Conservative hands it will not be a brexit deal - it will be an 'improved' remain deal...

This will be completed ready for the 2018 UK general election - and the general election will be presented as a second referendum on brexit.

Conservatives will go into GE2018 taking a win as support for their 'new improved' remain deal (associate membership).

It will be essential for UKIP to be in GE2018 and to win it - as they will (again) be the only part completely committed to brexit. And the only person I trust to lead UKIP doing this is Nigel Farage - whatever his faults, he is the only big name politician I trust to genuinely deliver brexit, because he is the only one who really believes in British values, British culture and a British future.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Poor people use public transport... thats why they are poor...

I am based in/near Brighton - a colleague and I are going up to London for an early meeting...

This is our journey planning... guess how we are getting there and back....

Option 1: Public Transport Max

Drive to Brighton Station/Parking15 mins£15
Tickets/Contingency45 mins
Train/Tube to London Destination1:15 mins£112
Total2:15 hrs£127

Option 2: Public Transport Min

Drive to Mordon/Parking1:15 hrs£30
Tickets/Contingency15 mins
Tube to London Destination45 mins£24
Total2:15 hrs£54

So there you go - with a car involved we can both do the entire journey in exactly the same time for less than the cost of one train fair!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Labour back #BRExit - but are too stupid to realise! (figures...) #EUOut

I know you have to be stupid to be a socialist, but this is simply amazing... Labour conference said
Conference opposes working with any campaign or faction in the forthcoming Referendum which supports or advocates cutting employment or social rights for people working in the United Kingdom.

Got that? They are interested in rights... so who controls what rights we can or cant set in the UK?

Oh... its the EU... if they want to cut rights, by pricing industry out of the UK with green taxes, or destroy employment by signing up to TTIP they can, and UK have no control...

If you want a say in rights for people living in the UK, you are best advised to vote for #BRExit and do it at Westminster where we have directly elected representatives...

Not have the agenda set by the 30 odd unelected, unaccountable, alien EU Commissioners in Brussels...


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Your 'rights' and government 'bans' - they probably aren't what you think they are...

What is a 'right', what is a 'ban'?

They are nothing material, they don't exist in time/space they are just words for concepts.


Calling something a 'right' simply means people will excuse you using force to do whatever it is you 'have a right' to do.

  • If someone steals your things, your 'property rights' mean you can use reasonable force to get them back without being punished.
  • If someone tries to hurt you, your 'human rights' mean you can use reasonable force to stop them (without being punished).
  • If you say something, your right to 'free speech' means you will never be punished/sanctioned for it.

It is for an individual to 'enforce' their rights (if they so choose) being a 'right' simply means there will be no sanction against you when/if you do.

No one is obliged to assist you in asserting/enforcing your rights - they exist only as long rational human beings can see the benefit of mutual acceptance of the principles.


A ban does not make things disappear. It is simply the state making clear that it may punish you (instigate force/violence) for disobeying its rule on possession of an item.

Instead of talking about 'bans' achieving anything, you should talk about the deterrent effect of the threat of violence (arrest, incarceration, fines).

A gun ban has zero impact on guns themselves - it merely advertises that force will be used against those in possession of one. This threat may or may not have an impact on each individual.