Friday, 8 May 2015

Electoral Reform - don't let the old, failed 'Electoral Reform Society' and 'Unlock Democracy' anywhere near it!!

These organisations faffed around for years soaking up people time, money and effort providing jobs for the 'great and good' while doing nothing to advance their supposed cause of 'electoral reform'.

They had a chance to show what they were made of with the 'AV' referendum, a referendum won by the Liberal Democrats at a cost of the existence of that party! The Liberal Democrats sold out on everything they had and believed in just to get that referendum.

What did ERS and Unlock Democracy do? They hurriedly created an expensive, shambolic, hopeless campaign - a campaign that they should have created years before, and developed and refined - it should have been the sharpest of weapons ready to be rolled out. But no they had to make everything up on the fly because, in truth, they had just sat of their fat arses for years doing nothing other than collecting their salaries.

The anti-AV campaign didn't need to lift a finger - and despite being created specifically for the referendum didn't even have any 'catching up' to do, as the ERS/Unlock Democracy, despite being around for years, hadn't even crossed the *starting line* of promoting change!

Even now these lazy, useless bodies don't have a brain cell between them to produce anything worthwhile - they promote ancient, discredited methods of PR that have been rejected again and again and again.

If electoral reform is to be promoted, these organisations and their stupid, useless staff must not be allowed anywhere near!

Don't let them screw up again - just get them locked out and disbanded.

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