Monday, 25 May 2015

Time is Money? Wrong way round mate, truth is 'Money is Time'

The most important thing in life is.... life itself. Without it, you are nothing, you are not even you, you simply 'are not'.

There are three things you do with your life - Work, Rest and Play:

Rest: Living - Time spend doing the unavoidable essentials for maintaining animal life - you have to sleep, you have to obtain food and water, you have to eat, and you have to relieve yourself afterwards. Rest is the time spent on the non optional elements of existence, time out from making free choices.

Play: Leisure - Time available to do as you please, within the resources available to you.

Work: Labour - Time you choose to spend to increase the value of your play time - either its duration or its value by increasing the resources available to you during that play time.

That is time covered but, I hear you cry, 'what about money?'. Money (wealth) is the way you exchange your time with other people and their time/resources.

The purpose of this exchange is to maximise the value (to you) of your play time. Money/wealth itself has no manifest, physical, practical purpose other than to increase the value of your play time - paying other people for their resources/work time, so you don't have to do the work yourself, so you can play for longer or play better (more agreeably or enjoyably) with the additional resources.

A resource is anything that exists. A resource may occur naturally, or it may be made by the hand of man. You may obtain a resource by spending time finding it, making it, exchanging for it or stealing it. The cost of a resource is the time it takes you to obtain it, the value of a resource is whatever it ultimately adds to the value (to you) of your play time.

So the value of money/wealth is it enabling you to call on other mens labour - to pay other people so as to increase the duration/value of your own leisure/play time.

So money is time - it represents a mans time spent labouring that you might use to increase your leisure.

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