Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cameron and the BBC reveal their tactics to keep the UK in the EU... revisited

In a previous blog post I suggested that the Conservative/BBC strategy to keep the UK in the EU was focused on avoiding/burying the 'in out' aspect for as long as possible and then presenting the referendum as if were a question of whether the negotiations could have been better or not (rather than whether the result was good or not!).

I have also suggested that the 'phoney proxy issue' would be immigration - pretending that limiting access to benefits would be the same as limiting people coming to the UK in the first pace. However, I have just heard a podcast by Jon Gaunt ( podcast 43, 17:00) where he thought the spin would be the Human Rights Act - and make a withdrawal from that to be presented as if it was the question for the in/out referendum...

The EU have bottomless pockets - all of *our* pockets! Their resources are virtually unlimited and they will stop at nothing to keep the UK's wealth in the EU for them to use as they please. Meanwhile we anti EU'ers just have ourselves!

We have to ensure that people see the real issue (in/out, sovereign/slave) and not get diverted onto a minor issue that the EU have chosen to let Cameron present as a 'win'.

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  1. Nicely put. We have all got to pull together to beat the BBC. I agree about migration, the issue was fully exposed in the election and the OUT campaign needs to change focus. The most crucial issue is the economy. Did you know that the trade deficit with the EU was over £60 bn last year? The balance of payments deficit was over £100bn. See EU trade.

    It is bizarre that an economic crisis of these proportions is not being covered by the media.