Saturday, 23 July 2011

What were the Norway/Oslo bombings really about?

Its still early days, but this appears to have really been an attack on unrepresentative politics.

A voter decided that the political system was so broken that a violent attack on a political party was more likely to deliver a ‘good outcome’ than anything they could do at the ballot box.

Politicians are always terrified of terrorist attacks on them by those they claim to represent – but I guess this is the natural result of politicians savagely under or misrepresenting some people.

Because the left are committed to big government they will naturally be far more vulnerable (and scared of) attacks on politics.

But given Cameron’s conservatives only difference to Labour is the speed of deficit reduction (5 years rather than labours 10) they may well be just as scared by such events.

Camerons lack of representation of those that elected him was clearly demonstrated this morning – having spent months saying that the Euro and Eurozone was vital to the UK’s interests, he now says no referendum is required on EU treaty changes relating to the Euro and Eurozone because ‘it only affects Eurozone countries’ – he can’t have it both ways. In what way is he accountable for this duplicity?


  1. So the attacks in Norway were 'really about' David Cameron's policies on Europe? I must say, your subtle and considered analysis has certainly convinced me...

  2. Curious, try reading it again with your 'thinking head' on.

  3. This attack is nothing to do with the existence of the EU.
    Just the actions of a deranged nutter, based on the loosest association possible to the mainstream, mainly his own Paranoia.