Saturday, 30 July 2011

If you can't force adults to obey you, force the kids - thats far easier.

I heard the Green Manifesto for Brighton and Hove described as half motherhood and apple pie (i.e. obviously good that no one would disagree with) and half aparantly written by Rik of The Young Ones while high on mind altering drugs (i.e. completely loony).

It seems the loony parts are now being enacted, starting with an attempt to prevent council workers eating any meat on mondays(!). This ridiculous imposition on grown adults who have probably never needed help with choosing their meals in the past is called 'Meat Free Mondays' and the loony Green councillor trying to impose it was given short thrift by the workers he was trying to nanny/mother.

Brighton and Hove binmen get “meat-free Monday” the chop

However it seems that others, less able to defend themselves from inappropriate interference in their personal business (i.e. choosing what they want to eat) are already victims of this mad campaign.

In March last year Brighton and Hove Schools started forcing children to avoid meat on mondays

Brighton schools go meat-free for spring term... and longer with your help

As if schools don't have enough challenges, adding this entirely superflous requirement is more work - at our expense(!) that simply doesn't need to be done.

Lets hope the Green council can get their heads out of the clouds, put their wasteful, expensive loony policies to one side and start delivering on what the people of Brighton and Hove really, want, care about and are prepared to pay for!

(p.s. This is the Freedom of Information request I put in just before posting this meat_free_mondays)

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