Sunday, 24 July 2011

Brighton and Hove - Four Green U-Turns

Just keeping track of how Green promises in opposition get ditched once in power. (And you thought pledge reneging was just the Lib Dems speciality following their tuition fees about turn?)

I have covered a couple of these separately before, but thought I'd bring them all together.

1) Kicking travellers off their site.

This was right at the start of Green Rule - before the recent inward flood of travellers, their simultaneous occupation of many sites across the city and the 'toleration' policy.
Green councillors criticised for putting worms before travellers

Travellers lower than worms for Brighton Greens
2) Keeping the Super-Director structure.
Sack the council’s £125k directors, say Brighton and Hove Greens
Green proposal to cut high-paid council officers blocked as alternative budget is published
Town hall sources stated the Greens felt it was better to work with the system

3) Keeping a councillors allowance system that they previously described as excessive.

Greens accused of U-turn on councillors’ allowances

Power corrupts... and oh so quickly for the Greens in Brighton.

4) Restricting top council pay to no more than eight times lowest council pay.
Brighton and Hove Greens - breaking manifesto promises already?

It seems that the Greens are bringing in their higher minimum wage for council employees (at the direct expense of many on lower pay that aren't council workers) and chief exec (John Barraddel) is taking a 5% cut that reportedly brings the highest to lowest multiple to 11 times - which still leaves either a 25% pay cut to come at the top, or another 40% rise at the bottom... Which still leaves an earlier question of mine unanswered:
John Barradell - do Brighton Greens think him greedy or simply not worth his pay?

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