Friday, 8 July 2011

Media, Ministers, the Met, Murdoch and Money (1)

News of the World shutting down...

Rupert Murdoch, Boss of News International who own News of the World and other newspapers/TV channels, appears to have strong influence and leverage over the UK Media, UK Police and UK Politicians. Many people have worried about Murdoch's power for a long time, but until now there has not been a specific focus for the anti-Murdoch campaigners.

Now there is a focus for the campaigners - the focus is the voice mail hacking allegations made against the News of the World.

The first really 'nasty' hack appears to have been of Millie Dowler's phone where a journalist (or private detective) not only listened to messages, but deleted old messages so there was space for new messages to be left for them to write news stories about. Since then there have been allegations/revelations that the relatives of dead servicemen being returned from Iraq and Afghanistan had their voice mails listened too also.

There are so many loose ends, its hard to know where to start. I am starting with what I think is a clear issue over police competence or honesty - hopefully we will find out which it is, cock-up or conspiracy?

Millie Dowler's deleted voice mails

It is claimed that when Millie's old voice mails were deleted, this lead to her parents thinking that she may still be alive and checking her messages.

The first question is why, if the police were monitoring her voice mail, they let the mailbox fill up - surely they should have ensured there was space for new messages in case they could provide leads?

Secondly, once they saw that voice mails were being deleted, did they trace the phone that was being used to do the deletions? If they had, it would have led them to the hackers, and immediately ruled out it being Millie making the calls. If they didn't then why on earth not?

Thirdly, having established that it wasn't Millie deleting the messages, why didn't the then trace the source?

Whatever the *real* sequence of events, the story presented so far doesn't make any sense - either the police were incompetent in their investigation, or the story given so far is false.

I have put in a Freedom of Information request to start the ball rolling in finding out which it is...


  1. I just wanted to say that you asked the exact questions that I was
    asking myself regarding this case.In my extreme distrust of the
    Murdoch 'news' machine both in the UK as well as in the U.S.,I did let
    my worst thought wander and began to wonder exactly what were those
    messages that the terrorists at Murdoch 'news' deleted.Were they
    emails that might lead to the killer and does the Murdoch terrorist
    'news' machine have a reason to protect that murderer ?
    Does the family have a way of getting the answers ? Did the Murdoch
    terrorist 'news' machine really lose those messages which seems
    unlikely,and can they give an accounting or
    perhaps remember just what they messages they deleted were and just
    why they were so unimportant ?

    Besides my extreme disrespect for the Murdoch terrorist 'news' machine
    for 9/11 cover up and outright deception of the American public to aid
    and abet the NATO war criminals that include Israel and to some great
    extent Saudi Arabia,Dubai as well as the Kuwait royals,etc.,Murdoch
    has been of interest to me because of his nexus with and to Lord
    William Rees-Mogg who is part of the CIA connected penny stock money
    laundering operation of Agora Inc Baltimore whose founder
    James Dale Davidson co-authored 'Blood in the Streets' and 'The
    Sovereign Individual',etc. with the Lard Rees-Mogg.
    In 2002 James Dale Davidson who was a Rhodes scholar and also founded
    the National Taxpayers Union in Washington,D.C. set up a website
    called that lied about U.S.penny stocks whose
    unaudited shares are used to defraud investors and launder money,were
    being 'naked shorted' - a fraudulent term virtually made up by
    Davidson and Canadian penny stock scheisters Grant Atkins and Brent
    Pierce to mean they were 'ccounterfeited' by some unnamed people or
    entities such as brokers.
    So this originally American or Canadian American slang term created by
    Beltway protected money launderers and presumably some CIA WENT AROUND
    THE WORLD.Even the Emir of Qatar's Al Jazeera repeated the lie-rumor
    about unnamed shares being 'naked shorted' or 'naked short selling' in
    2005 by a U.S.stock manipulator named Max Keiser ! I enquired as to
    what the term for 'naked short selling' is in Arabic at the time but
    received no answer.
    Then in 2007 to my knowledge the term appeared for the first time in
    British English in Murdoch's Times of London rag at the same time it
    also appeared in the Guardian.Both pieces of yellow journalism were in
    reference to Northern Rock shares being 'naked shorted' also unnamed
    persons or entities.The story of the 'naked short selling' lie that
    went around the world and finally appeared in Murtdoch's Austtralian
    rags about a year after his Northern Rock 'naked short selling' lie is
    a long one and I have been the main interrnet critic and denouncer for
    YEARS.In many ways it appears connected to the 9/11/01 war fraud.I
    would welcome your or any British reraders feedback as to the origin
    of the term 'naked short selling' in British slang or British stock
    market jargon.Am I wrong or was the term 'naked short selling' a
    common term in UK stock market jargon before Murch's Times of London
    claimed that Northern Rock shares had been 'naked shorted' in 2002 ?
    And Lord William Rees-Mogg as you must know has both a Rupert Murdoch
    as well as a James Dale Davidson connection and his coauthor James
    Dale Davidson started this rumor and lie just as he started the rumor
    that Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster in the 1990's using his and Lard
    William Rees-Mogg's and mysteriously deceased ex CIA Chief William
    Colby's Agora Inc Strategic Investments penny stock promotion mail
    fraud operation to do it with.

  2. Max Keiser is an ex-Wall Street operator who left in 1990 to denounce such criminal acts as naked short selling. He does a programme on such matters on Russia TV. I think you should read up about the matter. Try for ecxample.

    1. Not sure why you think 'naked short selling' is 'criminal' - there is no law against it, and is certainly no worse than simple gambling(/insurance).