Thursday, 7 July 2011

Get the UK out of the EU in 2015 - Force Cameron and Miliband hands.

March 2011: Cameron rejected a call for the people to be given an EU in/out referendum
I think we are better off inside the EU but making changes to it

June 2011: Miliband rejected a call for the people to be given an EU in/out referendum
Mr Miliband does not believe that a ­referendum on UK membership of the EU is appropriate at this time

The next EU (European Union) elections are in 2014, the next UK general election is 2015 - a year later.

Imagine if going in to the 2015 general election the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats had no MEPs (European Union MPs) at all! No incoming government could ignore such a message from us, the UK public.

So I have a cunning plan:

UK MEP's have no real power (All UK MEPs added together only make up 15% of the EU parliament - about the same as Lib-Dems used to get in the UK!).


Love UKIP? Great! Vote UKIP.

Hate UKIP? So what? UK will be out of the EU in a matter of months after the election and will have no MEPs of any party! So vote UKIP anyway.

If any EU sceptic has any reason to not vote UKIP in the 2014 EU elections - lets get it out in the open and address it. This opportunity for removing LibLabCon from the EU parliament is too important to miss.

So is everyone in?


  1. I agree. I already vote UKIP for that reason. And I will even vote for the BMP if I think it will get us out of the EU. All we had since joining is rising prices and hardship.

  2. Glad to hear you will be supporting UKIP - what we also need is for people to *spread the word*.

    Just today Ed Milliband admitted that Labour had got it all wrong on the EU (leaving only Camerons conservatives supporting that old position!). But LibLabCon just cant be trusted - they will say anything to get elected. Only UKIP are 100% and fundamentally committed to an independent UK outside the EU...