Sunday, 24 July 2011

Brighton and Hove Greens say they respect PR - do they remember they only got 33% of the vote?

In the Brighton and Hove local elections, for the parties with seats the votes went like this:

PartySeatsVote %age
Green Party2333%
Conservative Party1829%
The Labour and Co-Operative Party1332%

The Greens only got one third of the popular vote - they hardly have a 'mandate' for anything!

Personally I am keen to know what they are doing to ensure that council decisions are truly reflective of the popular vote.

With U-Turns they have already accumulated since taking power, I hope they are not looking to exploit the unfair advantage our electoral process can give - like 1/3rd the vote giving 100% of the power?

Just for reference, turnout varied from around 35% to 60% - average maybe 45% - so greens got 1/3rd of less 1/2 the electorate - say 15% of the electorate...

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