Friday, 22 July 2011

Phone Hacking - Meh! Police and Ministerial cover up, corruption and lies - Serious!

Phone hacking is simply no big deal whatsoever - important message behind a default four digit code? may as well carry a written copy of the message near a photographer with a big lens...

However, the cover-ups, lies, and phoney denials -- especially Police and Ministerial - thats where the meat is.

How could the Met have to such flawed senior officers in charge? How can command pass to the idiot woman who oversaw the shooting of the 100% innocent Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Underground?

How could such unsuitable people be in charge for so long and no-one notice? or at least no-one have any power to call them to account?

ACPO - The association of chief police officers - a private limited company run by and for the benefit of top cops, but *selling* services back to the police/government, so not even subject to Freedom of Information requests, must be disbanded - NOW. These people flourished in its septic atmosphere.

BBC - Likely no better than News Intentional but has limitless funding from the taxpayer - must be broken up.

Any public servant guilty of corruption - dismissed with loss of all benefits - including pension. If already retired (sick or otherwise) claw back what has been paid as well.

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