Monday, 31 October 2016

Just a couple of facebook posts I made on Raheem Kassams 'Make UKIP Great Again' page... before he quit :(

The Brexit winning UKIP has done its job - 'steady as she goes', 'safe pair of hands' will just mean it drifts off into twilight years of gradual (or very, very rapid!) decline. Right now there is a huge backlash against the social justice warrior/politically correct malaise that has been sitting over us for years. Students starting at university are seeing where the previous generation of lefty minded debt laden students have ended up - and they don't want to go there... And they have seen Mizzou in the USA on social media and don't want to end up there (if you don't know it, google 'mizzou closing' or 'mizzou enrollment' - google hides it if you just google 'mizzou'... ). Now is the time to bridge the pre-PC generation with the post-PC generation - and create a movement for now, and the future. New blood is a risk - but its a risk you have to take to have a future. If UKIP is to be that bridge and create that generation spanning movement back to 'normality' and a bright new brexit future - I believe it has to have fresh new blood at the top. If Raheem wins, I may even rejoin UKIP - but don't let that put you off!

Raheem will do will with the online crowd - but off-line I am not sure anyone has heard of him! If people really want him elected, they need to evangelise to their branches - get those MUGA crib sheets and hymn sheets out there!

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