Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Shrugging off the states nasty sin taxes - Alcohol and Tobacco.

Tax is just tax is just theft. Spinning a story around it so you can save face by pretending to believe it is for a good reason is just part of the fiction of our current every day modern life.

Alcohol and Tobacco are used to justify huge extortion by the state, much to be fed to the tax parasites in unwanted and unnecessary so called 'public health' activities.

So, how do you shrug off this imposition on your freedom to pursue your own happiness (good call USA!)?

Simple - DIY.

Alcohol is not difficult or complex to produce, as any wine/beer makers shop will demonstrate. A bottle of top quality bottle conditioned bitter for around .50p a pint, Lager not far off the same - and no duty to pay on home brew for your own consumption (and your friends/family of course!).

I even posted a crash intro on how do brew your own beer a few years back!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Wine, is no more difficult - actually is probably easier now that you can 'bottle' into 5L 'wine boxes'! The equipment can be had for less that £20 ( - a 5 gallon kit for less than £25 - and either save your commercial bottles for reuse, or pick up some (reusable) boxes (

Your own tobacco takes a bit more planning, as it will be over a year before you can smoke your own grown from seed! However it is possible even in the UK's climate, you just need a bit of growing space (as they are large plants) and somewhere to hang the leaves to cure once cropped.

I don't smoke, but grew a crop just to try it out - it was pretty easy, I got plenty of leaves, but I did fail to get any seed for the next crop, but it only costs a few quid - so that is not a disaster. You'll need about 50 plants to grown enough tobacco to feed a 20 a day habit.

Strictly (due to EU introduced law) duty is payable on tobacco even if you grew it an smoke it yourself - but it is not payable until it is cut/shredded to be a smoke-able substance, and there is no practical way of paying (or the revenue collecting) such small amounts, so you'll almost certainly not be getting a knock on the door.

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