Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Letter to my MP (conservative, junior governent post) - re #Brexit debacle.

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Tuesday 8 November 2016


I am very disappointed with the turn of events around brexit.

I wrote to you before the referendum decrying the fact David Cameron and his Conservative government had apparently been making no plans for the eventuality of the vote going for leave.

Now after much (avoidable) delay while such plans are created, the unthinkable has become thinkable. The small hardcore pro EU, anti democratic element of society have started openly talking about ignoring the result of the referendum.

The appeal has been based on the fact that further legislation appears to be needed before article 50 is invoked - a fact that was (apparently) well known to parliament and MP's all along (being explicitly referenced in the explanatory notes relating to the bill), a fact that Mr Cameron and his government would have been well aware of. From what I have seen and read myself this seems (to such a layman) an entirely reasonable interpretation of the situation (although it may well be subject to other law I am not aware of).

Mr Cameron was prime minister when the AV referendum bill was created and the issue of further legislation was clearly an important point and must have been much discussed. And he must have been aware of this fact when the EU referendum bill was drawn up and later when he falsely stated that 'the government will implement your decision' - as this was a promise he knew he could not make, and a false promise that no MP highlighted or brought to the publics attention to at the time.

It can only be believed that Mr Cameron and his Government deliberately included this flaw in the EU referendum bill as a 'backstop' in the even of leave winning against his own wishes. And the whole of parliament failed the British people in not removing this flaw before the bill was passed.

For the government and parliament to put this right at quickly as possible and avoid public unrest an immediate motion should be passed stating that 'this house unreservedly support the public's decision to leave the EU, and for the government to invoke article 50 at the earliest opportunity and no later than ....'.

I know such a vote was proposed in the recent debate on brexit, and dismissed out of hand, however while the government may be content to sit on their hands for now, the public may be less so.

Such a division would mean the public can be fully aware of where their MP's stand on this issue, and brexit can continue with no further diversionary fuss, and end this additional and extended 'uncertainty' which everyone agrees is a bad thing. Should the division fail the whole situation is no worse that it is now.

For your reference, I have written a short blog referring to the relevant documents and statements. http://www.radiofreeuk.org/blogs/paul/2016/11/07/eu-referendum-what-a-mess-a-dogs-brexitfast/

Yours sincerely,

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