Monday, 31 October 2016

Theresa May? Socialist. She won't get a good #Brexit.

(I found this item on my computer, and couldn't see that I'd published it anywhere... so here it is!)

Theresa May's conference speech made pretty clear that she is a socialist - to the left of Tony Blair, somewhere in Gordon Brown teritory.

She called for government intervention in many areas - perhaps forgetting that government only has the resources and means to intervene if it has first taken those resources from us, the people who she now thinks needs state aid.

As Milton Freeman was keen to point out - pretty much every avoidable problem is cause by state intervention - if not by virtue of the state having taken our money so rendering us in need of its return!

So the centre and centre right cannot trust her in politics generally, and on Brexit having delayed the invoking of article 50 for as long as she could, she has now said that at the end of the two year Article 52 notice period, the 1972 EU Law Supremacy act will be repealed and all EU law in force at the time will be transferred en-mass into UK law.

She confirmed on the Marr show that this would include the law on bananas, sausages and all the other nonsense that is not only nonsense in its own right, but has no place in the law of land. Excepting the most fundamental of safety standards, there is no case for a national law on the shape of a banana or the recipe for a sausage. Keeping EU law would also keep the UK in the common fisheries policy a policy that has already destroyed many British coastal jobs and massacred our fish stocks. If we do not leave the policy on brexit, it is implausible to think the tortuous exercise of extricating ourselves piece by piece will ever happen - and our fishing industry will entirely disappear, as will all of our fish.

We have two years now to identify what specific legal changes we need post Brexit, if it cannot be done in these two years then it is foolish to imagine that it will ever be done - and the 200,000+ pages of EU law will sit in our law books for ever. You surely know of the Barnett Formula - it is the formula used to redistribute wealth between the nations of the UK - it was created as a bodge, a stop gap, pragmatically accepted as everyone knew it was a one off and would be reviewed before the next years budget was calculated... now about 50 years on it has not been reviewed despite everyone agreeing it is flawed. EU law will be the same - the government will never do anything unless it sees profit or benefit for itself in doing so -- it will have no incentive to review EU law unless there is pressing urgent business and even then it will have to happen alongside 'business as usual' and whatever madcap scheme it promised in its manifesto and is desperate to roll out.

This EU Red Tape is exactly what holds the EU back now, and so will hold us back in future if we keep it. The EU Single Market is actually a protection mechanism - it allows the EU to have its red-tape without being destroyed economically by leaner more agile economies. For the UK to venture outside the EU while keeping this Red-Tape, these EU laws it will be economic suicide. Like making a parachute landing behind enemy lines, then refusing to relase the harness and insisting on having the canopy dragging behind you as you look for safety.

It should also be remembered that the UK parliament has in fact had sovereignty all along... it simply chose not to use it -- the '72 act was entirely voluntary and could have been repealed at any time. But our MP's refused to so and blamed the EU for all our woes - but further refused to have a referendum on membership deliberately to frustrate the will of the people. It is our MP's that are called to heel by the EU referendum result. And having called them to heel we cannot let they run away again - we cannot leave any responsibility for action in their hands as we know from bitter experience they will neglect it.

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