Monday, 17 October 2016

Money - Real Money - Not the Governments Wothless tokens - Gold and Silver coins, it's time for a comeback...

Buying precious metals in small, precise units has an overhead compared to the raw metal price, and metals other than gold attract VAT, but that is payment for convenience.

Gold Bars

This represents about £1000 - 25, 1g gold bars.
Supplied in a sheet, they can be broken off individually (still wrapped) so about £40 each.

Silver Bars

1oz about £20 each.

Need less that £20 ? - there is always bitcoin or other electronic crypto-currency.

Worried about forgery? No need to try to bend it with your teeth, there are hand held units for checking now... 
Sell them as silver/gold for government currency? What would you want to do that for? Exchanging between crypto-currency and precious metals keeps your money away from the government... as it should be.

But what happens (say) down the pub when you get a round of drinks in?... Well just ran a tab and pay at the end, or go Japanese style izakaya - fixed price for a fixed time, drinks and/or food included. There are solutions to everything.

Why use a gold (or other) backed currency when you can use the raw material directly?

Gold and Silver coins - it's time for a comeback...

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