Sunday, 12 February 2012

Workfair, Immigration, EU and stuff...

Before getting on to workfair...

For generations, many people in the UK (known as the very rich) have 'made their living' by simply inheriting land (originally from a distant relative who got it from a monarch who took it from someone else simply by force) and letting people use it in return for rent. Nice work if you can get it...

I tend towards 'all property is theft' (which raised the question is theft always wrong, can't it sometimes be justified - I'll leave that open for another time).

In my view, if  being a citizen of a country means anything it means an equal share/right to the resources of that country - its 'our' country, we are all born equal as citizens, so what argument against this can there be?

A share of the resources of the UK is enough to give every citizen the means (with their own labour) to support themselves - in my view that is the states duty discharged, you can offer a citizen a means of support but you can't make them use it.

Workfair - expecting people to work to support themselves, and giving them a safety net opportunity to do so is not a million miles from what I set out above.

Immigration - this is an issue because there is a distinct link between the land/country and its citizens - it is for other countries and citizens to decide how they run their affairs, but how the UK is run should be solely down to the citizens of the country - nothing is owed to, or asked of non-citizens.

EU - well the Euro debacle shows that the EU is simply too big an area to seed new ways of working/thinking - you don't start a fire with large logs, you start with a spark, tinder and twigs.

Where 'workfair' gets a bit of a bad name is that people say it 'forces people to work' which is slavery. But it doesn't... people are entitled to not-work and freeze/starve if they prefer... Whether the amount of work required and the level of reward returned are equitable is a different issue, which does need attention, but that is a detail, not an flaw in the principle. If people don't want to use the state workfair programme, and still don't want to freeze/starve they should (of course) have the opportunity to do so working for themselves or for others on the private sector.

The choice is yours/theirs - chose to support yourself or not - what you can't choose is to make others support you (and that should apply to landholders as much as bog-standard citizens).

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