Saturday, 18 February 2012

Socialism/Fascism vs Libertarianism = Creationism vs Evolution

Socialists and Fascists are the militant creationists of human social interaction, Libertarians are the believers in natural social evolution.
Paul Perrin

Socialism/Fascism vs Libertarianism

It is funny that totalitarian schools of politics (e.g. Socialism and Fascism) are based on the central premise that people need to be controlled to deliver the 'best' results - that people left to their own devices/strategies will naturally lead to chaos, decay and anarchy.

Contrast this with Libertarianism, which is founded on the belief that 'the best will out', it opposes the enforced limitation of individual self-direction - the only limit being a practical one for the survival of the very system, that is limiting individuals unwanted interference with other individuals own self-direction - "you are free to do anything except interfere with other peoples freedom".

And while socialism/fascism can't tolerate anyone having free-will, a libertarian wouldn't seek to prevent a group of individuals from working together, following a leader or observing a text - as long as it didn't interfere with their own freedom.

Now consider the parallels here with creationism and evolution.

Socialism/Fascism insist that their is one right way (their way) and this must be enforced - the same thinking that demands that life/existance can only be the result of an intelligent guiding mind that had a master plan all along - in the case of totalitarians it is 'their' master plan that they believe must be applied, completely and exclusively.


Libertarianism recognising that billions of heads are better than one, and that through natural selection, survival of the fittest, random mutation and other evolutionary processes people will create/discover what works best individuals and their social interactions.

Libertarians extra strength

Where the libertarians win hands down is that they have no ideological objection or barrier to cooperation, or formal social rules/structures - their concern is only how they come about and ensuring there are no artificial barriers to them evolving further. While socialsim/fascism want to lock humanity into a final rut of their totalitarian ideologies, libertarians are committed to ensuring that there is always a way out for those that want it.

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