Saturday, 11 February 2012

Public Health Campaigns are Killing us - Nudging us to Death.

Bullying has been nationalised - its called Public Health Campaigning.
Paul Perrin

Have you noticed that whenever the government start a new campaign on a health issue related to eating food or behaviour the situation almost always gets worse?

You might argue that this is because the campaigns aren't big enough or were started too late, but it seems pretty clear what the real situation is...

By publicising an issue widely, it becomes normalised and (at least partially) acceptible.

In the past 'fat kids' were always citing medical conditions for their situation - never overeating - overeating to become fat was always a taboo. But now (with government help) it is normal and 'expected' for many kids to overeat and be fat, the government have supported those who have taken any 'shame' and 'peer pressure' out of behavioural issues - you aren't allowed to comment on anyone's appearance any more. If members of the public happen to exert any 'peer pressure' (even if it to the good) it is now considered 'bullying' and has a whole new taxpayer funded industry to combat it.

So instead of the public regulating itself, the 'public health industry' have usurped that role - and (at taxpayer expense) are making a complete hash of it. They tell us that its not unusual to overeat and get fat - in fact is is very, very common - so if you are told that most people lack the self control to mange their diet, well, you are hardly to blame if you can't are you? Yes its good to know that there are other people (again) funded by the taxpayer who can 'help you' - but god forbid you should help yourself, or your fiends or family or the public have any influence.

The other 'common' eating disorders Anorexia and Bulimia we all know what they are called and what they mean - but they weren't common or well known 30 years ago, they are still uncommon in counties that still don't publicise them.

When it was discovered that Carol Carpenter (a singer in a popular musical duo) had an eating disorder (in addition to drug issues), a disorder that led to her death - it was shocking headline news. Now it seems every female in the media has an eating disorder, as well as millions of children in our schools, and millions of young adults.

So how do these Public Health Campaigns try to do their work? By nagging, pestering and needling us - on TV, in the Newspapers and all over the internet (at our expense) they are telling us that most people are doing something bad, but are incapable of doing anything about it with out further taxpayer-funded help. Given the abject failure of these campaigns to actually work, people are left with only one outlet for their apparent failure that about which they are constantly reminded - stress. Public health campaigns are a massive source of stress to every one they are targetted at, and stress related illness is currently one of the biggest killers in the UK.

So on one hand taxpayer/government funded Health Campaigns are publicising and promoting the very issues they claim to be aimed at reducing, on the other hand they contributing to stress - a massive killer.

How did this come about? Why is it allowed to continue?

Because many thousands of people's livelihoods are tied up in keeping this industry going - through our taxes we are obliged to pay these people to destroy public health and to slowly kill us - and their profits are huge.

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