Friday, 24 February 2012

#Brighton and #Hove Council and #Green Supremacists

The people of Brighton and Hove are inbred and need new blood to improve their stock.
Really Green Party Opinion?

Yesterday Green led Brighton and Hove Council debated the first Green Budget. It was webcast on a live stream and there was a busy live twitter discussion using the #bhbudget hash tag. I watched and tweeted on much of the discussion, only missing one bit (which I hope to catch up on, on when the council put the video on the council website).

In the end the result was as expected - the Greens proposed tax increase was thrown out.

however, the event of the evening was actually the maiden speech by one of the Green Councillors - Ania Kitcat.

In her speech, she said that she thought it was good for Brighton to have new people coming in to prevent/reduce inbreeding, and with a dramatic pause looked daggers towards the Conservative councillors.

As her English is not very good, I am not 100% sure if she intended to make such a nasty insinuation/slight against the people of Brighton and Hove - particularly the Conservative councillors. I thought it may be a phrase that she translated from her native language and was rather more offensive in English than the original (update: I asked this on yahoo answers;_ylt=AokwmV64bUT20lkbox1Uqn7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120227085333AArnjsm). Or maybe her English is so poor she didn't mean it at all (her English was quite muddled for most of her speech).

However, on consideration, I don't think it is for me to second guess what she meant - I think it must be taken at face values (a horrible, nasty slight on the natives of the city), surely the least the public should expect from a councillor is someone who can express themselves clearly?

If she meant something different, it is really for her to apologise, explain what she actually meant and explain how she will prevent such misunderstandings in future (if, a misunderstanding, it was).

Linda Hyde puts the case for local people and their attachment to local heritage

Ania Kitcat suggests incommers are good to prevent inbreeding

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