Sunday, 12 February 2012

The answer to life the universe and everything is...

The answer to life the universe and everything is...


Every individual human being has the capacity to exercise freewill - and it is only be exercising that freewill that they make their own unique contribution to the world around them.

Exercising freewill is:-
  • the difference between simply existing and really living.
  • honouring humanity.
  • celebrating you own unique life.
  • only possible while you are here - time is limited.
  • divine.

Denying others freewill:-
  • freewill denies them life, and condemns them to mere existance.
  • strips them of humanity.
  • selfishly condemns them to insignificance.
  • robs them of their short, precious lives.
  • is the very essence of evil.

Every legislation-promoting do gooder, collectivist, nannying official, coercive government official and everyone who wants to impose their will in place of your own is attempting to override and deny you freewill, they are evil and an enemy of you and all humanity.

It is only be recognising individual liberty, rights and freewill that people can make the real contribution that human life uniquely allows and that human life demands (if it is not to be wasted).

Freewill is the difference between man being a simple beast of burden and being human.

This isn't a new idea - right back in the myth/truth(delete as applicable) of many holy books such as the Bible, mans true existance starts with the acquisitions of freewill that self-knowledge allows. However, the denial of freewill (that the churches based on these books tend to promote) is not a good thing, it is not a way of returning to a purer state, no, it is to decry and demean that which (if exercised) makes us human, and uniquely makes human life worthwhile.

Freewill turns the existance of a simple beast of burden into a living human being with a life that can be rewarding and worth living.

If you aren't fighting for individual freedom, then you are supporting the death of the most precious gift man has at his disposal. Don't impose on others - let them be human too.

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