Friday, 6 January 2012

PIP Breast Implants, the NHS, the MHRA etc.. etc...

People with more time and resources than me will cover the fine detail, but I wanted to put one clear view from the public perspective on record...


Many thousands of women (and men) paid for cosmetic surgery - the surgery was regulated by the UK government, the quality control of the equipment and implants used was regulated by the UK government.

It now transpires that the government regulation was completely incompetent.

This regulation has cost every single tax payer money, and this regulation has caused damage - people trusted the surgeons and surgery because the government approved the process and its quality control.

Health and Socialised Medicine

Apart from the regulatory failure, there is the plain 'health' issue - a person worried about a 'lump' will be treated by the NHS with a sense of urgency - a woman whose mental health is threatened by a pregnancy will get a termination on demand.

How is a persons worry about an implant any different to the worry caused by finding a 'lump'.

We are forced to finance the NHS, and in return it is supposed to have promised to treat all our ills - if it is going to be fussy about what it will and wont treat, then the public should become fussy about what they are prepared to pay towards it...

Asbestosis, White-Finger, Thalidomide - PIP Implants - etc...

When a significantly large group have an identical problem, isn't that exactly why people accept and support governments acting 'in the public interest'?

Action is needed now - the lawyers can sort out the compensation, insurance etc later - many peoples health (physical and mental) is at risk, we have the resources to fix this problem very quickly, and the resources to chase the guilty to the ends of the earth to pay for it *afterwards* with interest.

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  1. So is the picture really all that bad? Well for those who had the said breast implants, it is. PIP is made up of substandard materials in order to cut the cost! And this idea of using substandard material to cut cost and increase profit margin is unethical since these could possibly lead to fatal condition.