Sunday, 29 January 2012

Brighton and Hove Greens (again...) - Showing ageism in libraries is alive and well.

Brighton and Hove Greens are planning to ditch the mobile library service.

Green Councillor Jason Kitcat the 'brains behind the budget' has said the vehicle needs replacing and this would cost £120,000

I have been chasing the council about ditching the mobile library service (using freedom of information requests), and finally got a definitive response...

The Greens are scrapping the mobile library vehicle because it is 7 years old. It is purely based on the age of the vehicle, not about its condition or the cost of maintenance/repair, just age. There has been no review/analysis/checking of the vehicle - they simply scrap at 7 years regardless...

I guess some people might have expected a bit more from a group who claim to be into sustainability, recycling etc... After all that is how some people still (naively) see the greens.

Even I would expect more from such a group... But truth be told the 'Green Party' have nothing to do with sustainability, recycling, the environment etc... the environmental issues of the 'ecology party' are just a smoke screen they pay lip service to. The modern Green party are the same far left marxist 'socialist workers party' types who have leapt on each and every cause they can to impose their beliefs on all of us.

The Green party have done a pretty good job on some of the residents of Brighton/Hove, even getting comfortable middle class people to vote Green and so support their own destruction.

I guess the Greens getting in as a minority administration has done every one a favour - we get to see their true colour (deepest, deepest ideological red) before they have full power to implement their plans.

Its a near thing, but together we can ditch them next time and get an administration interested in serving the residents of the city rather than seeling ot control the residents of the city...

Back on mobile libraries:
Is the mobile library dead?
In the age of eBooks, its demise wouldn't be a surprise – and yet in some places the mobile library is thriving

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