Monday, 30 January 2012

Not just 'ouch', but 'bloody, bloody ouch - that really hurts' - Schools in Brighton/Hove

Skipping a load of background... (for now...) and getting right on with the current story/issue.

I read in the local paper (definitely not a 'rag'... legally dangerous to call them 'a rag'!)... Anyway, I read that...

A local school whose 'league table' position had slipped from solid middle to absolute bottom described this years results as 'a blip'.

A F*KING BLIP !! - it maybe a BLIP for the schools stats and the local councils stats but is isn't a F*CKING BLIP for the kids who just left the F*CKING SCHOOL without DECENT QUALIFICATIONS.

Sorry to be so blunt, but this really focuses 100% on something I despise about the state education system and the public sector in general. There are armies of people who think *firstly* about themselves and their position and only *secondarily* (if that) about the people/individuals they are supposed to be serving/delivering to.

A school has failed a year of its students and calls it is called a 'blip' - it is the start of the rest of their lives to those students...

One of my boys could have been in that failed year - but a few years back we raided of our savings (our kids 'collage fund' our 'pension fund' etc) and took him out of that (clearly declining) school for a private school, a private school that had/has only one focus - to do the best for every single child in its care. Not a 'hot house' or for 'high flyers only' but a school that wanted kids who would fit in and that it could help be the best that they can be.

It is tragic what has happened to the kids left behind at that failing school, and I feel for every parent who (for whatever reason) couldn't do what we did for ours, and may have had to watch their child meander into mediocrity instead of stretching towards their potential.

Brighton and Hove schools and stupid 'lottery plus catchment areas' policy is a proven failure.

And more widely 'Comprehensive education' is a failure, however long it goes on and however much taxpayers money is thrown at it, it can never, ever work. It is time to face up to is failure and either switch to a different, better new system - OR - switch back to a Grammar School system that we used to have and used to propel so many children from 'poor' families up the socio-economic ladder.

There is no time to waste, kids are being failed right now - and a blip on government stats is a life time of regret for them.

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