Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Green Energy Policy - A Return to the Dark Ages and War.

The Greens despise mankind as a species and hold us in contempt, as evidenced by quotes such as:
Giving society cheap abundant energy is . . . like giving an idiot child a machine gun.
Paul R. Ehrlich - a founder of modern Green philosophy
Paul Perrin

Recent developments mean we now have access to more energy resources, in more locations, than we ever imagined.

Shale Gas

Underground Coal Gasification

Deep Sea Methane

There is believed to be more energy in deep sea methane alone than in all other carbon sources (oil, coal etc) put together. These energy resources are vast and spread all around the world.

Energy supplies are one of the major causes of military and political conflict in the world - most recent military adventures by the US and UK have been accused of being based on greed for oil rather than humanitarian or political issues.

Another source of future conflict is supposed to be water - for both drinking and irrigation. With cheap energy, there is no limit to the moving of water around the continents of the world, nor to water purification and desalination.

The whole world could be on the edge of a new revolution - a revolution of cheap, conflict free energy. If this revolution is well managed this could lead to a new golden age for all mankind.

Such a new golden age would not be universally popular - there is a long (twisted) tradition of self-flagellation, guilt and puritanism in western culture - a philosophy that says mankind deserves to suffer and struggle and that an easy life is bad for 'character'.

Sometimes this 'guilt' philosophy is genuinely held, other times it is just a tool of the ruling class to keep the subjugate others and keep them in place as a servant or peasant class.

Amongst others, the Green party are fully signed up to this guilt based philosophy - whether all of their supporters are aware of it or not. They argue against accessing this new golden age, they say we should turn our back on this cheap, abundant energy, they argue for a return to small local community (tribal) living, based on hard labour. Had they been around in the stone age, mankind would still be in the stone age and the Greens would have celebrated this achievement.

We must reject the obsolete philosophy of 'mankind is bad and deserves to be punished'. We had almost put it behind us with the decline of widespread support for churches preaching 'guilt and original sin', the Green movement is working hard to revive it. But it will result in more and continued conflict, suffering and poverty - we must simply say NO to these bizarre siren voices.

Pretty much everyone supports a clean environment, conservation of natural resources that are limited and cannot be replaced etc - but the Green party are not about these 'apple pie and motherhood' issues, they are about controlling and suppressing mankind. Don't be fooled by them.

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